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Um they also have an update the amid the story with that uh if i again gathering this right in the singapore souaidia started the project but now japan is taking over oh like they don't don't they don't they don't they don't pay that is a bad thing though it's weird like they make it sound like singapore is now to s taking on a new projects speedy it is a bad thing idol who knows is with us whole design warm 80 made some engine stuff yeah it says his sister publication i've heard bent on ymca's japan studios also working on the project with the intention it will now take the lead on development while singapore moves to focus on another switch game interesting this is the anthem that that cool like yeah i still not officially announced there i know they the and as they announced agaonst the game a hit us the just the game those literally they just set ambitious hunting the ultimate bounty pack man actually the one thing they said was the richer was making it moment alston that was the only to africa um i'm okay with that yeah i am i i don't know what i want metric prime four to be like that series they were all great but i don't know kind of diminishing returns on each one for me i by they prove the concept and then carrier kept making them as someone who did not especially like any of those games i would hope for enlarge departure but that's death i dunno i still know how you make a sequel to the citizen kane of the deal as fair as good book good the didn't they could see what this is in came might yet for how well they can build their three booted first fa cup while they could make your face reflect on visor now th of.

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