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Wounded in quin tear tito's deal twitter once upon a time in hollywood nickel tom and he's sixty eight now but dude tarantino's next film is based around the marilyn manson murders it's called once upon a time hollywood about a pair charles manson the marilyn manson because i want him to murder people so it's about an aging tv star and his associate as they're trying to get into the film industry and they they happen to live next door to share tate who gets killed by the manson family that's the setup check out who is in this movie joining leonardo dicaprio brad pitt margot robbie burt reynolds timothy all fat michael metz and tim roth dakota fanning nncholas hammond the meal hirsch luke perry and just announced today album fucking chino gig wound is also a cast displaying gino he's an attorney you movement thought you said alba chino said album fucking tito how you doing my name's chino albertino nice to meet you wow what a fucking cast i can't wait for this twenty nine thousand nine once one time you guys excited for the next tarantino i'm always down for tarantino say whatever you want about him guys talented fuck it i watch movies i mean i still think he's one of our greatest living directors right now actually kill someone stop watch okay i can rely on just saying he's been accused of stuff and you know with thurman went after him and but hey man people it's the all your mother fuckers are in his movie all right so you know envy what do you think you think you can check this out probably not.

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