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I think from hard work now, so we didn't have money to. get treatment. So I had to go back to Japan Gordon and so I couldn't do how God anymore I. I went about the Japan new Lewis asked me to on translation. Who of his American decide Brew Now? He's a name. Was that light? He the call today Dr off some books. So I started to. Walk, on, transportation of, gem losses on Dorgan's likings wisdom right? And I found that to translate I had to understand. For, the I'm translating, so I had to set to study, but his on Dogan. Again! What was that like? I had no choice because quote because of my physical condition I. couldn't you know for how this works so hard for now I was in Massachusetts so I have to. I WANNA give up my idea and The creative. To practice using this. What he undermined in the best way. And that is, do study on. Translation on seat as much as much as I could yeah. I imagine just like you can use building to be part of the practice. You can use translation to be part of the practice. Because I couldn't use my body anymore I have. My brain mind yes yes. After that after the means from my Armie Thaddeus, undead, today's Oh. About forty US I have been studying. translating jam does is. It looks at Oregon. Dog into thinks and I started to like my own books gratuity, and then what? What brought you back to America from Japan? Oh, I stayed in Japan about. It ever not twitter. We ears. At that time You Know Katie Dining Dorsey was up. Founder of MINNESOTA The may stations and Pasta way in nineteen ninety. And they that then setup practice is t Jefferson I've. On because I met. Cutler. Practice in Japan for about the Mansour Soul Kogyo..

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