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Three officers were hospitalized. People entered the outdoor area of restaurant multiple of them were taken into custody throughout the protest Belief you cure gas and rubber bullets, just first crowd community calling for action after the newly released body cam footage of the arrest of Daniel crude, but it showed law enforcement painting fruit on the ground with a bag over his head, and he died seven days later. Selig's Hogan. Protesters turning out in Louisville today with Kentucky Derby is running over the police death. Briana Taylor. Armed counter protesters are also there and support of police and President Trump. The Derby was delayed for four months because of the pandemic. No fans are attending the race. President Trump strongly denying a report in the Atlantic that he made disparaging remarks about service members during a visit to France in 2018 and resisted a visit to an American military cemetery there. Fox News Jennifer Griffin, who is a well respected colleague here, a Fox news, She's well source for many years, she heard from two former U. S officials who were on the trip to France. One was in a meeting toe actually plan the trip. To the cemetery. They confirm parts of the Atlantic article, but not perhaps the most troubling part about the words, quote suckers and losers. Faxes. David spun a gas pipeline explosion near a mosque in Bangladesh has killed 13 people and injured 30 is worshippers were about to end their prayers. The explosion happened Friday night just outside the capital, Dhaka. America is listing Fox News. From the fuck news podcasts network downloading, listen to Tyrus and Tim. I really believe Kleiner's was the best choice for our show. I was kind of hoping for cat. There's somebody else got in. I'm like, I can't do that impersonation you probably could. But we're now back in 1952. Where if you did that, you're a racist person and you'll be fired because you can't be an actor and betrayed character.

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