Cowboys to move on without Jason Garrett


Jason Garrett's time up as coach of the Dallas Cowboys Edward a reporting Jerry Stephen Jones have decided coach will not be part of the organization moving forward on Friday and paid Simmons on why this process lasted so long after the season to other Jerry and Stephen Jones have moved slowly out of respect for Jason Garrett you know they have a long history with him as a backup quarterback you to this is that coach a head coach's father was in the organization when Jerry bapa team as a scout and they finally concluded that phase of this process and that's going to end with Jason Garrett not being a part of the organization beyond his expiring contract and when exactly they make that announcement I thought sure what I've been told soon and that the next phase will have them moving into the process of interviewing candidates in the battle begin quickly after phase one is totally finished off yes was contract set to expire January fourteenth status with the team at issue since last February the cowboys didn't give a contract extension they missed the playoffs in twenty nineteen finish eight neighbor the four time in his tenure as coach Keyshawn Johnson on the job candidates and Jerry Jones himself he was on sports and we stand ready to make a decision on it there was the eight their long term in the obvious would clearly felt that their work you say while they waited till Thursday well the food that just won't really it just is so you kind of say okay take a deep breath we get back to the facilities we talk about a little bit we think about we pondered overnight we need or Thursday we meet on Tuesday we meet on Wednesday we have a conversation and we finally so you know women the best thing for us to do if not give the public what they looking for what they looking for me to do is be extremely mad and walk out of there on Sunday night if fire you on the tarmac so instead of doing that this call wait a couple days are you playing for the cowboys you're familiar with Jerry Jones and and and his thinking all what happens next now in this search for the next cowboys head coach I think a guy like Mike Zimmer Minnesota Vikings head coach could potentially be a candidate you say how could that be well I I II coach there in the deepest corner along try defensive coordinator for Jerry Jones is the bill Parcells fact either stay here they know what they're getting in that particular coach but also there's a young officer coordinator in cabin step band he this sitting there in Minnesota the Minnesota Vikings don't want to part ways with him they don't want him all of a sudden start to get interviews and become a category another team so I would be surprised if somehow might dimmer wind up being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in the cabinet she takes over as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings so a lot of story lines this call come about here over the next with date but I think this time around you will get the head coaching job right where the coach may be season one more before we go do you think that at this point Jerry Jones is ready to surrender more control to a head coach now then he has been willing to in the past as bill Parcells left and and I want to turn this on your stamina I am right now status is not a defense Jerry Jones was some what he is and even as well as we clay as well as Jerry junior what is your you Jones gone wrong with that organization other than the head coaching hire that's a very good question that's very good everybody everybody everybody said here you're you're here the one on that team thank you for calling the latter team for the National Football League I would I would argue and say that their top five channels it is four tally dole is a National Football League the problem is that head coach because you're you're not holding the plate yeah well that gives the player is a free pass for having innate need season the talent on the field didn't win enough games he and Garrett will finish as the second longest tenured and second most winningest coach in team history Tom Landry a record of eighty five and sixty seven the wonders to playoff games unable to get past the divisional round Mike wells Myron Medcalf on Freddie Fitzsimmons the Dallas Cowboys there you know they draw attention but the the the days of being America's team and wanted to be part of what is age and it's not the same anymore it is not the same strictly because of what you have to deal with away from just coaching of football team is not simply you know put together a strong staff the coaster brakes of Amari Cooper Ezekiel Elliott and dak Prescott it's also having the answer constant questions from your boss the owner Jerry Jones deck could become a headache when you're you can't simply just focus on the task of putting your team in the proper position the try to have success there's a side show that comes with it and some people are built or not built to be able to deal with that so you got to find the right coach who is not only a great Exynos guy but somebody who's mentally strong enough to handle the constant you know looking over the shoulders and the pestering of your boss meddling in the inside of things wonder why things are not going well or to give us suggestions on what you should be doing that's not something easy that everybody can handle that type of situation well it and not everybody wants it and that's why I think a lot of these cultures your Matt rules related rallies urban Meyer's why except that to me if you're not going to modernize the structure of your organization so that your owner can do what every other owner does and take a backseat and not be this forward facing figure who's hosting its own press conferences after the game sometimes undermining the head coach then then how can you expect to attract a great candidate bomb out rule no one eight I'm leaving Baylor I got a chance to build something there if I'm leak in Raleigh I'm in Oklahoma and every year I get a chance to go to the college football playoff leave in Oklahoma where I can coach for another decade at least about continue to succeed ever murmur Meyer I'm not leaving LA or on the TV analyst making good money watching a lot of football injuries bouncing around the country see a lot of teams to go to Dallas where I've got a deal with Jerry that's why I think it's going to be difficult if Jerry Jones wants to continue to be Jerry Jones I don't think Mike he's going to end up with any of the top candidates identifying potential replacements Bobby carpenter and fox college football reporter Bruce Feldman gas on Freddie impede Simmons Stephen Jones Jerry Jones offered that coaching job urban Meyer she would say I think that's a hard job to say no urban probably wouldn't be needing to be for another year is that all you but who knows enough the big job at the glamorous job and remember the nose you know damn owns his courage and damn ongoing expound acted it all back thank god yeah I was supposed to do the oil itself journal part of mine and to buy that it was offered so you're going to want to meet your need to guide it was a proven track record we've done it before who's been in the playoffs the only guy that I look at the newest hires cycle that's really available is Mike McCarthy and it's free thank god I'm not that I'm not the biggest Mike McCarthy stand the world but he's the only guy that it holds no one Barty and that is the only thing that Jerry Jones once he is getting older is that you know you if you spend more time on this earth that he's going to spend has the last was starving if you get that oracle Marty troche with them of the order would love to put it in there Mike you've done that you chose to leave and you've been in the playoffs he's done a good job that would be my selection I don't know if they don't know what it does do checks all

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