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Of the for the for the pirates Walker called out on strikes his first time a switch hitter batting right handed Walker hit well for average batting right handed against lefties but not for power only two home runs in a hundred seven at bats against lefties in the regular season stringent fines went back to the screen and its own one thank the pirates as a team against left handed pitching hit only twenty three home runs all year in more than twelve hundred advance versus left handed pitching and they had a hundred fifty six home runs this year now the pinch very high from Bumgarner one ball and one strike Bumgarner through the first four innings and only throwing forty five pitches so he's been throwing strikes and he has been very efficient the winds and here comes as a phone popped up off to the right side and back into the lower deck so it's one ball and two strikes down here right he's he's had a good feel of everything I think really his palace of the inside part of the strike so with that fastball has really been what has set up all of his other pitches what do you want to go inside to get a typist to these right handed hitters requires he's done it number I'm going to the wanted to count to Walker the winds and here comes it's too high with a fastball good to it's good for Bob Marley number fifty of the day the very economical with pitches at the end of the fifth inning you'll want to have seventy five or less June two page shrinking a little slow bouncer foul in the third base side over to the third base coach Nick Leyva till June two Credit Crawford who got to the big leagues in twenty eleven the year after the jets when that world series against Texas the Bumgarner starred in vanguard who pitched a very pivotal game and he shut out the Rangers for eight innings in game four to give the judge a three games to one lead in that series good to pitch way outside of the high with a changeup downstream to there's been three easy takes it is it bad this is led to the three cat three to count I know you you know for the leave it with nobody out this becomes a big pitch you don't want to start walking the leadoff hitters in a playoff game I'm going to one three two page during the busy struck.

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