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Welcome to the witnessing history. Education foundation podcast educating Americans to understand the history of their country and of other countries. So that they will appreciate the value of America's unique free institutions become an American hero. Who participates in our mission by joining us at witnessing history dot org. Download our documentaries and free teacher education materials that conform to grade level education standards at PBS learning Bork, follow witnessing history on Facebook, Twitter and linked in today. Ken will relate the intriguing story of the Colonel and his lady Colonel Eugene Irwin. The grandson of Henry clay served with the confederacy and the sixth Missouri infantry. Thanks to the descendants of Henry clay, the Corinth Mississippi civil war center. Now displays Colonel Irwin's uniform and the van Dorn pattern battle flag under which he fought at Corinth can't is going to tell you how the civil war center acquired these materials. Thank you. Good to be here. I think the best way to approach an answer to that. Is to back up a little bit to win. I I saw them these artifacts. Many years ago. I was. At home and was called on the telephone by a lady here in Lexington. Who was the widow of Henry clay Simpson? And her name was Louisiana would Simpson and we all called her Lou. And Lou called me up and said can't I'd like to show you some civil war things. And of course, anytime you get a call like that if you're guy like me, obviously, your appetite is wetted you're at a fever pitch almost because you wanna see what this is. So I drove over there, and Lou let me in the home and proceeded to show me some things she had one of which was. A book bound volume. It was composed of a lot of clippings. And the book on the front cover red book of memories, and you open it up, and there were all kinds of. Pieces of a federal documents. And as I was flipping through. I saw some military documents. That were signed by Colonel Eugene Irwin. And I asked her I said is this the grandson of Henry clay? And she said, yes, it is. These are his papers. And I said these are phenomenal. I said there are lots of military related things. And then were to passes to allow Eugene, Erwin's, wife and daughter and servant to board. A steamship called the imperial. On the Mississippi River at Vicksburg and proceed to Memphis and then to Saint Louis. And below that was another pass made out to a

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