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You know have it done again? Yes it happens every procedure, but it's really less than than. Eight percent, five percent of of individuals. So what you have one lift usually, you're not going to get a second one or or want a second one, but but there is a small Alachua to patients that say, Hey, yes, let's let's do some some more because they just they won't get get that. That tiny back again. So it sounds to me like you're setting the clock back. Ten years something like that. But then the clock keeps ticking is that Right. Right. Right. Right and You know we we. We're not going to. We don't aspire to be seventy years old and looked forty but we do aspire to be seventy and look fifty, five sixty and that that's that's a reasonable desire to expectation and we see all the time. And in in so often I'll see patients. That I haven't seen in a year or so they come in and I walk into the room when you look at it and asked myself how old is this individual in generally when when you when you? You inspect it gets generally is at least ten years younger than you might thing. just just looking at their appearance. When you face lifts under local aside from the risks, are there any extra risks for the procedure itself yet? So there's always risks with all surgeries as we know and the things the way I break breaking down is that certainly we have the common rest that the just you know happen the swelling bruising discomfort and that sort of thing, and in occasionally, we'll have some bleeding problems that we have to remedy increasingly will have. An infection that we have to remedy or bumps and lumps, and so forth. So these are. Common Remedy them in short order but after a week or two. These things have take care of themselves. I know everyone's different. Everybody has risk factors but on average, how often do little complications will bums come up when you get a facelift done so I think of it is common you know in in in that's okay. As long as it's temporary temporary, the realm of one week two weeks, three weeks and and and no more than a month and so that's that's just part of the ball game but we sort of tolerate that. So I always tell my patients to if they can just be patient or we ten days that these things will will smooth themselves out and that's that's a better way looking at it. If. You want perfection after day or two that's that's a real challenge. The real thing in terms of real bad permanent, the complications, those really rare and. They're there those are things we just have to mention. It's like driving. A car that the odds of you driving home and having a bad accident is really low and same thing with a permanent band problems with with facial surgery. So really just focus on these minor things. Temporary things temporary temporary they happen. We deal with them, and in in short of they're they're taking care of. How long has it recovery from a face that you do? Yeah. So we'll main things we look at. that. Patients will ask is win. Can I get back to my social situation? When can go back to work when it can I? Go to the store. When can I just present myself? I don't WanNa stay indoors forever and the day that the the number we always give us about ten ten days. We shouldn't be over ninety percent of individuals shouldn't be presentable, not completely hill but presentable where in the where where you're not noticed where you're not sort of you know Where somebody can see that you've had something done, so intimidation should be able to get out maybe with your hair in front of your ears, maybe with a little bit of of makeup on but you should be presentable at that time. But before then on occasion you you know you had a patient that was looking great at four days but generally you need about ten days but in terms of completely healing takes implying for two completely hill. and. We can be patient with that because it's not something that really we notice but. You know he feels some firmness in the face and neck afterwards. So that takes a while to recover. Those aren't things that we really have a good deal of worry about the thing we really look at is, when can we get out when we be social? When can we get back to to live for? No stay indoors forever in in the majority of patients it's ten days. Have you seen more faceless requested now that we've had the shutdowns and lock. INS. Yet. So one of the things that pay people said recently with his Co. at thing is I want to get it done now because I could wear the mask just hide everything. So but I I think that you know more and more people force are working from home and they're able to take care of themselves at home. To wear the masks they they've got the time, and so we certainly see a lot of that today for sure. Sure. You've seen a wide. Range of results and complications from yourself and other doctors. B-share a complication that you've seen that has been. Pretty dramatic either one day you had yourself or he saw from someone else while tell you when when interesting may be crazy stories of physician in another state that I was overseeing he. Did a procedure on a patient and then gave gave a patient lots of the normal instructions. In the patient was sort of out of town in the local hotel and was dropped off header caregiver take care of so forth. But she was inspired that evening instead while you know I I, think it can drive home and so got caught in the car and tried to drive home. But was pulled over and because she had. Medications on board. was arrested so. Keno meant to jail with the fresh faceless. Yeah. But you know it doesn't matter the reason if you're driving, you know under the influence and that's a that's recently to to. Be Arrested. The thing is we have very, very important and detailed instructions afterwards. Obviously, let's take care of herself. Obviously don't drive the same day. And so WE DO GET IN TROUBLE On an occasion when those? Instructions aren't abided by I have one patient who who was a avid golfer and so three four days after the facelift went out and golf, and so forth and came in and the fifth day with with lots and lots of swelling. As you'd.

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