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You can download it by visiting pop a PHD dot com and following the instructions in the website footer i also wanted to let you know that because of some technical issues at the time of the interview with lindy on this microphone her sound is not perfect please bear with us and lisa non it'll be worth it so today we're talking with liliana vitrine leanna describes herself as a former biologist currently a product manager for medical devices in this activity she travels a lot works non stop it has has found along the way and always has time for friends and family welcome to the show super happy to have you on here on papa peachy we've known each other for a long time it goes back to my undergrad in biology and yeah i like to share a little bit about you about how you got from a bachelor's in biology to a PHD into the position you're currently in thank you david for having me today for these ted's so starting back nick on on my days so i need the PD on micro-biology focusing on infectious diseases so so even though i did went to medical school during the i i had a lot to the medicine i collaborated with some doctors so and now that bruce lee valuable experience you know since i've moved from the dan to the healthcare industry though.

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