Jim Griffin, DNC, Commissioner Lafayette Crumb discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


In the water. One was recovered, but the other died at the beach for Sean Watchin. You tells T M J for news. He always keeps a close eye on his daughter. We make sure that she doesn't go up further than I think that I can race in and get her. The former lake Shore lifeguard Thomas White says. The best advice is to stay onshore and throw items to those in trouble. If the waves are crashing over, you're taking gulps. You're going to grab on to the first thing that you can. Rescue crews also recommend calling for help as soon as possible. Rusty Mellberg w T. M J News the pandemic shrug. The DNC is presidents in Milwaukee. Organizers and city leaders, though, still want the momentum of being chosen and the planning for a full scale event to continue development Commissioner Lafayette Crumb telling T. M J for news. Little include getting diverse inclusion in future city projects. We meant businesses that worked with people of color are owned by people of color on my women. LGBTQ individuals, People with disabilities. Crump and others say they want to pursue the DNC or the RNC for 2024. Coming up a Dane County employer back tricks. It's reopening plans. W T. M. J News time. It's 7 35 talking about good buddy Jim Griffin. Jim When buying a car. What should people watch out for? What should they think about? Well, I think they have to trust the dealership that they're buying from. You know, John, we've been in business for 57 years. We have a lot of owners out there. And that's what we try to build. We try to build relationships and trust. How cool is it when you sell a car to a kid who's buying his first car? You know the first car I sold I sold it to a guy who was 18 years old and it was his first vehicle. I'll never forget the feeling of the mother. They're being proud of her son coming in. They're putting down the down payment, getting financed and buying his first struck. Never forget that you don't you do, Jim, You make memories for families. Families make memories for.

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