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And roll in the class in the top right corner, but for the George Ross virtual event and really what it's called. It's called even friends. That's what it is that the divan friends virtual Speaker series, Okay? And click that it will take it to the page, Recon register and put your name your email address in there. Tell us how you heard about it. For you. It's gonna be the radio show right? And then you've got it and you'll get a personalized link, and that's coming up. February the 17th. That is a Wednesday afternoon from 3 30 to 5 o'clock, so it's 90 minutes of goodness and fund And education and information. They wanted to continue with the George pay. I mean, Charles, Spain, I thought, you know, that's a long time I run a half. I thought and it was like it went by like that. Everybody was asking questions. We finally had to just kind of go. Good. Let Charles go. It was it was like way can't go till 10 o'clock tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, even though Charles probably would, and that's the thing is like, you know, you go online and George does these interviews and they're like three minutes long. You interviewed him earlier last year, you got an hour out of and it wouldn't surprise me if he decides to say I Yeah, sure. Let's do three hours. And here it was really a lot of fun. So if you're just joining us you're listening to it's all about the money. Honey here, right here on news radio 1000. My name is Victoria. What's my clients, friends, listeners and readers. Social Media followers. Call me the financial diva. I'm joined by the king of finance himself, Mr Damon King. He's a wealth management specialist. And today we've been sharing seven mistakes that people when hiring a financial adviser, You know, we don't want you to make. There's these seven. Things that we don't want you to know. We're always talking about the positive. These are things we want you to do today. We're talking about things. We don't want you to do T keep you out of trouble. We want to continue talking about the mistakes of hiring. The wrong adviser. So there's so many. Um, things that you can do. But Damon choosing an advisor with the wrong specialty. We've really kind of covered that with the doctor. And when you were talking about okay, you've outgrown your pediatrician, you know, and you go to your primary doctor and the doctor says, Well, you know, you've got a skin disease here, sir. I was thinking about my dermatologist for centuries. And that you know, here's and well, I don't have one. Well, the doctor's going to give you a recommendation for a dermatologist doesn't mean you have to use them. I will give you a recommendation because they're in the industry. You may ask a friend for a recommendation. You may ask. You know your brother in law for recommendation, and then you go interview those three people. You go online. You research him. You say all this. Okay? Maybe I don't have already eliminated one. I'm gonna go talk to two of us. And get the information that you need for your specifics. OK, if you ladies Ladies will understand the statement. If you ladies are looking for a little we call it a little tweak little nip and tuck her little tweak. What do you do? You say my eyes are really bothered me. So you're gonna call And when you do the interview, call the doctor's office and say, you know, what do you specialize in? Oh, they may say, Well, we specialize in breast implants. You go. Okay. Next, you know you eliminate them. It's simple. There's like no, no, no. Oh, next when you call his specialty. Dr X. A specialty is in next Okay, Well, I'm talking about my eyes here. Okay, Then you call another one. It says Erin Dr Aaron, Because she is she specializes in ice. I happen to know this. I've done research. I have girlfriends. She's the eye specialist. It's the same with banks. They are specialized in something. Everybody in town. When you find out they'll say they do everything. There's people that specialize in loaning money to Dennis. There are banks that specializing in car finance their our specialties in land deals. There's one bank that if you're going to a real estate deal, they got you. They get it. They understand. You don't go to the people that are specializing in dentists. Your business. You know, it's really just common sense. You have to know what your needs are those. Oh, you want to know what it is that you specialize in. So if you're just starting out, let me use this example all the time. If you're just starting out in $700 a month. That's totally different need than somebody that has, you know, saved their million dollars. Got a half a million or a million dollars or whatever. Yeah, and you know here's the thing is that there's You hear these commercials going around, you know from other advisers that say, Well, you know you will work with you. You know, they say you're not good enough because you don't have half a million dollars. It isn't a question of you being good enough. Okay. It's a question of We deal with people in retirement and what you were dealing with in retirement, and the advisors is completely different than someone who's 2030 40 years old in the prime of their career and still pumping that 401 K. At 403 B full of ammunition for retirement because Yeah. Do you do you need a full service financial advisor in your twenties and thirties? Mom? I don't know..

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