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Money from people who were in the drug dealing business. I know i for one was told by some of my law enforcement sources in the cincinnati area. Hey you need to be careful around him. He sturdy and these were just people that were my sources who said you know. Look i just want you to be aware. Be careful was because they were afraid. It didn't trust him. They did not trust. Charlie reader a rumor that he was Sexually harassing some female employees when he worked at the ross county at juvenile detention center records from his personnel file said that He wasn't the right fit and there were too many questions yet. A lawsuit in small claims court in nineteen ninety five and gala police for not paying a debt and there was a warrant issued for him but he ended up paying it. So i mean there were some things out there. There appears to be two sides of charlie reader. One that you know the public sees and they saw these nationally. Televised broadcasts press conferences. Where readers very emotional talking about these rodent murderers very early on and then there is something you see in charlie reader aware when readers challenge you another side of raider so he's he's got a very public face in a very private face. Then oh yeah. Investigators recently towed vehicles. That had been part of the homes where eight members of the rodent family were found. Shot to death in pike county ohio last month before mobile homes themselves where the bodies were found will be removed from the scene to be stored at a location in nearby waverley again right outside investigator reporter jodi bar live in pike county. While i was in pike county i started seeing things that i had to question what we found at that evidence warehouse where the trailers vehicles the equipment that all belong to the rodents was shared office and bci took that so we found problems with the security of that evidence and the security of that warehouse. I'm not an attorney. I've never prosecuted the case. I've never collected evidence for what i do know. Is that evidence that is collected has to be secured. I've seen prosecutions lost in courtrooms in the states. I've covered because someone's fail to secure one piece of evidence. And of course charlie reader was so central to what we were looking at. Is the man in charge that we had to go find him. We scheduled the interview and we sat down. And we had this conversation with charlie reader. And i wanna say lasted maybe forty five minutes to an hour and again back to watching the two sides of cheerleader. You had the emotional charlie reader early on in the interview where he's talking about. You know the roads and you know what this is done to pike county and then i broke out and ipad and on that i've had. I had visuals the images that i taken from that warehouse at the gate standing while another game cheered with a piece of thin wire days and nights of no law enforcement at that where how and i think reader new during the middle of that interview that this was not going to look good when we recorded it that will we found there looked terrible and it reflected on the job he did. So i saw charlie reader change but he changed into defensive at red face but rear finally admitted that they did not have a deputy posted at that warehouse watching that evidence. Twenty four seven. What sheriff reader did next destruct seasoned reporter. Jodi bars troubling. Here's dodi's firsthand. Account of the interaction so the interview ins and photographer and i are tearing down the equipment and trump walks out. The front door of the old sheriff's office in waverly were standing on the porch of that sheriff's office in reader. Wants to make a deal and he says if we'll just hold off on the report of the evidence where how and wait until they can return property to the family that reader would lead us in full access to him and turley readers story of the first one hundred hours after the road murders and i just told him no. We don't make deals several months. After that report aired. I got messages from people in pike. County what after the other telling me that there was a raid underway at this road. Evidence warehouse in waverly well. I dropped everything i was doing at. Cincinnati intro the two hours east to this warehouse. In when i got there there. They were shared. Charlie reader deputies. The pike county sheriff's office carrying things in and out of this warehouse. And you know. I'm standing there wondering what is going on here. This shouldn't be happening unless there's something happened. We don't know about involving the rodent murders. This was a great public concern but that night reader would not return my phone calls. It was very contentious trying to get information out of pike county out of the sheriff's office at a point but after that we were never able to access him again. Despite scharf readers apparent mishandling of aspects of the road murder investigation authorities were able to put the wagner family behind bars and twenty eighteen however just weeks later area journalists got word that a different investigation unrelated to the road and murderers was underway. One that placed sheriff charlie reader on the other side of the law. The state auditor's office released documents to all of us. That stated an anonymous tip had come in to the auditor's office in which someone stated that everyone was scared to death of reader that he was basically a monster and investigators need to look into a safe that was in his office. That contained money seized in drug deals and it also said something about him possibly gambling in. Is this really wore on. The investigation continued and then word started spreading around pike. County really took. What was going on with charlie reader to a whole new level in june of two thousand nineteen. A grand jury brought forth sixteen charges. Against sheriff charlie reader as a result. He was suspended from office bringing his three year. Tenure sheriff to a close. The indictment laid out details of the investigation and his crimes. Reader originally faced several counts of theft in office which is a felony on aisle as well as tampering with evidence which is also a felony in ohio. So what happens is charlie. Reader has a pretty sizable amount of money. He's taken from alleged drug dealers in pike county. Sheriff every law enforcement agency and the entire country much less than including ohio is allowed to seize money from suspects if they think that that money or those goods are being used in the commission of a crime money that was seized it in drug cases to supposed to be secured in a safe or in a bank account or something and you can use them for education purposes for the sheriff's department You can contribute to appropriate charities but in these cases at least on two occasions the allegation was that he took cash and converted it to his his own use so the state auditor does their annual review of the books on the first passed the state auditors. Find some money missing out of the seizure account and then they go back to reader and apparently he tries to put it back by the that leads to the state auditor's office then diving into getting warrants and diving into his personal finance records. They find multiple expenses in multiple trips to casinos. Both in the area and out of state and tens of thousands of dollars spent a casinos impossible. Depth records are pretty clear that showed some pretty big losses at the race track and also They found that he would through more than twenty eight hundred dollars from Machines that the atlantic casino so it was pretty clear it was from gambling. Some of the other allegations were that a lotta times in drug cases cars are forfeited and in a couple of charges The allegations are that at the auction. he rigged it and engineered at that either era frank friends of his would get those vehicles.

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