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And we're getting reports about fifteen minutes from now, there'll be a rolling roadblock rebound seventy five through dry ridge as they continue, some pothole, repair through their Jason Erhard on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl. We continue our repeating pattern of rain and a few strong store. Today cross the tristate Heisel top out near eighty Wednesday night, rain in some storms developing lows near sixty three Thursday cloudy morning rain scattering out during the day high in the upper seventies from your severe weather station. I'm meteorologist rich Johnson News Radio seven hundred wwl. W R shows a little bit of rain south of dry ridge in northern Kentucky and also some showers in southeast Indiana. Sixty nine degrees right now in Cincinnati. The latest person to die from gun violence, in Cincinnati is an eighteen year old who had just celebrated his birthday. He was shot in the twenty five hundred block of hands furred place in south Fairmont early this morning. No arrests have been made yet sentencing coming up in a half hour from now for forty year old Anthony Worthington. He is going to be sentenced for the death of his one year old daughter, who died of a drug overdose. A Coleraine township man pleaded guilty in January death of his child after she somehow. How ingested his drugs governor Mike dewine visiting with farmers in the next hour and the Toledo area, the governor asking for federal help, because too much rain in Ohio. It's kept farmers from planning their corn. And soybeans Chris swertz is hosting that event is farm. In Perry's Berg township. From north west Ohio and western Lake Erie basin. Specifically that are really being drastically affected by the wet weather and and delay. Fanny or lack of planning, we've had up here. We're going to see some protective netting hanging on the suspension bridge. That's what's needed to reopen the old blue span that connects the downtown's.

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