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That's actively minded which we love because it's mission focused because we know exercise can reduce your risk for breast and ovarian cancer. So if you visit our website, there's an opportunity to learn more about team bright pink and as part of a team right paint. You can choose from one of the races where fishery affiliated with like the Chicago marathon the New York marathon dirty girl, mud run, which is an obstacle mud. Obstacle. Course. That will hit about twenty cities this year girl's gonna racks, which is a cross stitch challenge. Additionally, we have a team running these San San Diego marathon. But in addition to that you can choose any race of your choice. So you can decide I want to go out and walk a five k with some friends, I want to, you know, go do the half marathon, Madison, whatever that might be. And we'll help set you up with a fundraising page that you can fundraising community and support of your effort. So that's a wonderful program through team bright pink. Additionally throughout the year. We have wonderful individuals and companies that will host their own events or fundraisers for bright pink. Sometimes we call these VI pinks. There are VIP is going out there and throwing parties for us. We've seen people dedicate, you know, their birthday is bright pink by rather than asking for gifts requesting donations or dedicate their weddings to bright pink where instead of giving out wedding favors the couple of makes it donation of bright pink. And then we've seen local businesses run sales and promotions benefiting bright pink. So there's really an opportunity to get creative here and some more information on that can also be found under our support us page on on right pink dot org. Additionally throughout the year, we have wonderful partnerships with big brands who have really big hearts as we like to say here right tank brands like America. Eagle David's bridal Paul Mitchell hair care, there's many of these brands who are dedicating either the sales for particular product or a line or making a contribution on behalf of the corporation for bright pink. So you can learn more about what products you can shop. What businesses you could visit to support bright pink at bright paint dot org. Paul Mitchell, specifically has been long involved with the the fight against cancer..

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