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Then somebody would go catch twenty two and everybody would yell out catch twenty two somebody would open up an envelope and say bowed ron kittle do if you hit them up one hundred five balls harnack that's tony larussa did you know back then that he was going to be like become quarter goes you know the tony larussa i didn't actually you know tony was really high strung and during those years with the socks and he became a lot calmer great he was a good he was very good manager when he's here but i think he really developed his craft when he was with oakland and saint louis he became a great manager and certainly a hall of fame manager why you know tony larussa was like a completely different guy you know then then so many other managers today i don't know how tony would do in today's game we know wimpy what about you know replay i mean i love the we have it but it certainly needs to be doesn't seem like it's not taken as long this year you know they're talking about you know the the the pitch clock g like the mound visits delight the way the baseball is headed well i kind of like the mound visits limit those because those are just boring i just take away from the you know the rhythm of the game i do like the replays because it could be the difference in winning or losing a ballgame you certainly want to get the calls right so i don't really mind the delays for that but all in all i i pretty much am satisfied with the way they're doing i don't think they're doing anything to harm the game i think what the best thing they ever did was put that wild card in and you know and everybody loves it now but everybody was renting and raven that that wasn't gonna be any good as part and it's bud sealant people people don't great outstanding and i'm jerry reinsdorf was at a big part in in making a lot of those decisions to that has made baseball a lot better for for the players and the fans i think.

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