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Not, qualified, to tone down. So I listen to the radio park or museum Okay Potato sack race or three legged. Race Oh good one potato sack rates a little bit more intimate All right Tap dancing or. Ballroom dancing Ballroom dancing partner This is under the heading theater Broadway, or community Community Musical or drama Drama Odd couple movie or TV show Oh boy I have to go to, the movie started it off for. The movie we wouldn't have the. TV show All right finally The Andy Griffith show. Or Beverly. Hillbillies Bandies versus show. Hands out very good nicely done Steve thank. You for the call like your insight Thank you phone number six five one nine. Eight nine nine two two six. Toll free eight. Six six nine eight nine nine two two six nice win. For the twins tonight burritos goes seven shutout innings and. A five. To nothing win over the Toronto Blue Jays game three will be tomorrow afternoon time. Three oh seven pre-game thirty here on c. CEO it is ten. Thirty four central time on CCA oh it.

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