Donald Trump, Four Five Six Years discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


They can either give me money or not to me the corruption comes in when you change your political view based on the money that's given you right okay now the fact that you actually went to them and and you you solicited them that right there falls under ethics 101 is being unethical yeah well i'm not going to do you know how i do what i'm not dumb yeah i would say i would tell my guys go out there i'd get a manafort in and say hey manafort you know go well 'obon pam with this guy now a lot of people do that a lot of people do that right there of because they understand that it truly is unethical you'll assumed and that's why they need trump to fail because if he succeeds in in quote draining the swamp a light within the next four five six years is gonna be shown shined in everybody's gonna be very very embarrassed because that will you just described even though it's not illegal okay and it's also explainable it steel unethical and he will be seen by the public and the conduct that will swamp so i think trump is attacking the swamp in segment he's not worried about the bureaucracy or the honeycomb of contractors are feeding off the lead to knock or our american system he going after the big the the the junction that's going to cut off entire three who'd come down for global yeah and the globe the globalist stuff i i agree with you thanks for the call eight three three eight five two four eight six six.

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