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So i get to get to have it. I get to feel it. I get to be with her. But then it's okay to let go. Yeah we did it. And it's a container but also it. It touches other people also as the hope that actually was kind of an amazing demonstration of something that i was going to read to you. Bela this was somebody. This is from a blog called the rabbis pen. Have you ever heard this. My crack producer lily found this for me. Spiritual reflections on bailiff deflect tones by a rabbi. I didn't. I couldn't find the rabbis name. Music is a language away. All right we'll take it with a grain of salt. Music is a language a way of communicating vehicle for bringing greater peace tolerance and humor into our own hearts and into the world. Music is a spiritual discipline and a great teacher. Great musicians like bailiff lake and the flick tones are also great teachers. Think of yourself. Everything of yourself. As a teacher i dunno. I know there are people that have that. Learn from what i do. And it's exciting to see people that have taken What i what. I what i do and built on it just the way i built on earl scruggs and tony trish trashcans so many people that i learned from. But i don't formally teach very much and and in the past mostly. Because i was just so busy trying to do what i what i've been doing. You know and but i actually love teaching. I think actually that active teaching and that spiritual discipline was also send you know in that music you just you just shared. It's like it was an embodiment of this. This person also said At the rhyming auditorium. Bela fleck took a few moments to honor one of his teachers later. Scruggs there was a palpable sense of reverence and holiness throughout the auditorium. As many of us understood the great love that emerges when true teaching and learning have occurred. Well there's a lot you can do with instrumental music. And and sometimes we. We tend to sideline it and think of it as background music or support for vocals a lot of times. I can't tell you how many times i've been playing with somebody for an audience and the singer sings and then as soon as we go into the instrumental part people start talking and doesn't matter who it is going to be with some of the greatest musicians in the world. It's like a a go to. That's not the main thing but you know go to india. You might have a very different experience of spiritual experience listening to music. Doesn't have to india wherever you wherever you hear it or even people hearing the great german classical music or chopin can have a pretty ecstatic experience through the works of human beings. But i think the the great ones are trying to access this feeling when they play and and the pieces that i've come up with it. That have a strong mood or that kind of a component. I couldn't explain to you what i was going for. When i was trying to write them. I might have found a sound that that expressed a feeling or mood that I tried to write a piece around. And i couldn't explain what that mood is even but there but if someone who listened to it would know exactly what i was talking about we Joined to a close. And we're gonna hear a little more music from you. I advocate one of. I often will kind of circle around to this question of What you've learned through the life you've lived about what it means to human. And how how. Perhaps that has evolved since your your early days things that you know now are believe now that we're experience now. That would've surprised you. Then i felt i feel abigail at. You've been really are about your wisdom. In the commencement address you gave a colorado college and also this beautiful. Ted talk that gave and i love for you to reflect on that question. I would also love for you to tell that story that you told in the ted talk The little girl because it seemed to be kind of a moment that crystallized that for you how you how you think about this big question of why why you're here and why you live your life the way do. I was in china after the the big earthquake in two thousand eight. I hope i'm right about that. The years are fine by now. I have a baby and they will continue to and with a friend of mine. We were making. David liang the shanghai restoration project. We were making a a record with the kids And this actually happened before. We came back to make the record. I went there just to see what i could do. Because i had spent a lot of time in sichuan My great teacher who taught me my tremendous love for china old lady wong is from sichuan and so i felt like i really had to go back to citronen see what was going on with people there and how they were recovering. Eighty thousand people died are the estimates and it was a lot more than that and a lot of people affected so i went around and joined a for a couple of friends who are doing a quick relief project and they said why. Don't you just come a music for for the kids at these relocation schools. They had been taken away from their families at at home because many of their homes were destroyed and they had the parents had to stay there and rebuild them so the schools move to other places and the kids were struggling so much they were not only taken away from their homes but they had lost a lot of members and they were living in these Temporary trailers in place. They didn't know at all with just their teachers their their their fellow students come play for the kids. And maybe maybe it'll relieve their. You know their their minds for a moment and just thinks music. So i did and had so much fun with the kids and at the end of my performances. The kids would always come up to me and they'd they'd say you sang for us now. We want to sing for you. You know and so most of them. I would listen to like ninety pop songs. Chinese pops on bill would it and it was very cute and fun But this one girl came up to me and she said Long bad year which means big sister..

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