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I was really excited about this because I just want to talk to a professor. I WanNa talk to historian, someone who lives and breathes and understands and studies teaches it in school, and I really was just excited to be is never. Did we got to talk with Dr Khalil Muhammad? He's professor. History race in public policy at Harvard. Kennedy School is author. He wrote the condemnation of blackness race crime in the making of modern urban America. You know it was we went to school. You know went to school I I went from Boulder two years in Boulder to Harvard Yeah. I think. I even say that in the episode. A far cry from Harvard Yeah. I didn't even go to college. But you know what look we're learning as we go. Honestly, this was one of those moments where when we were done with this I kind of got off of the of the call and I was like you know. Why am I never learned this? It does make you kind of realize there's just a lot that we don't know. There's a lot that we're not taught in school and and I really appreciated him. Taking the time to discuss matters of race in America and well, we talked about systemic racism. Really you know not just the Buzzword of systemic. Down what that means of immigration in America means. Slavery how it went policing began how literature in statistics were used to sort of push this narrative. It was a lesson. It was a lesson where we got to be one on one with a Harvard professor. And pick his brain and it made me want to read more it also. It also made me want to go to Harvard South. And I want to go to Harvard I. Just WanNa take his class zoom. US just just me, that's it. Anyway here after Khalil Mohammed. You're a professor at.

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