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I'm so excited. Not just gonna game week. Because once again i get to spend time with my big brother. Rich rich has gone tonight. Hey it is game week when you said game week. I don't know if you saw my reaction my first reaction that is to go all rick flair and everybody out there. Well who came week. i mean. Just think how excited we were when it was game week for the hall of fame game and i mean we're hype and we're like you should be excited for the hall of fame game. You're going to get to see steelers players on the field. They're going to get the show what they can do. And everything else and you know. Every week it's still exciting. I mean i'm i'm sorry. The last preseason game was was not and it wasn't because of the way the steelers played which was bad but it was that you knew that they were. They were rising they. Were you know the the more starts playing. They're playing longer. They get up with that third game and then it's just a big drop off. It's kind of difficult to be excited about that one but then these means nothing nothing compared to now it has gained week. I mean is there anything else other than ringing ric flair. There's really much else. You signed the ric flair woo man. You just write it came. We gotta be excited. I know everyone's been saying it. I said it. I don't know for those of you out there. Listening in podcast. Land if you listen to my breaking news podcast from over the weekend. And i couldn't break it right away. It took me a long time to be able to pull it together enough to try to do. The breaking news podcasts On the passing of punch elkin. I've never had to do this before i had done. I had deposit in the middle of it. I- depaz and pick up you. If you go back you could probably listen to it and even figure out where it was. I just it that that crushed me in in a bad way but at the same time it wasn't it wasn't just about being sad. That touch was gone and what he meant to. This organization was also being being so happy that we could talk about such an amazing man but yet we have to do it now in the past tense. Does that make sense. Does and you know i i know for you. It was probably like me. I mean i mean totally remember Belkin plan yeah. Left tackle in the in the eighties on a lot of really mediocre steeler teams. Touch was one of the better players. Yes on a lot of those mediocre teams and then when he went into broadcasting surprised that daylights outta me with how good he was. Oh yeah and you know. was just fantastic. Saddam was able to continue to live a long and being a part of the steeler family from player to the broadcast booth. And just the stories that you heard in the things like that honestly dave. I was reading all the things people were saying here and there on twitter and i couldn't keep from crying just while reading this so i don't know how you pulled off podcast but yeah it was tucked hunch is going to be missed I'd like to say that everything that happened with him off too bad this or that you know. What too bad for for us Touched never looked at it like he was. Yeah like he was inflicted with something. He looked at it as just a another stepping stone process part of his life and messy. It's gonna be real hard for me listen to you. It's been a little bit in. The preseason listened to the games on radio. Listen to the last game on the radio. Because it's announcing i looked and i love wolf. Yeah but he yeah. I'll i'll never forget fight dave. You don't remember. But i do okay. I remember what it was. Jack fleming and myron coat that yeah. That's too far before me. Too far before. But i remember jack fleming gong games and then i remember when it switched to to cope and hillgrove and i miss jack fleming and then when we lost byron coat i miss my coat and that's how i'm going to feel listen to game now. I'm going to miss jokin on the radio. Yeah we we had coverage it behind the curtain dot com Jeff hartmann did a great letter from the editor. That was that was out on sunday. I do believe that you know talks about it. He talked about before about losing his best friend. L. s. If you just google because it's much further down with all the news and everything going on. If you just google you can find find that if you really want to check out it was. It was really really touching. But i just wanted to give you a chance to say something about punch i i did. The brig news podcast. I don't wanna you know. We have a lot going on here. But i just wanted to give you that opportunity. So thank you so much for sharing that rich. I mean this is this. Is the family show. This is the brothers. Do in the podcast so When you when you lose a member of the steelers family it affects us all so With that let's let's get to the steelers. That's true elkin fashion. What would he want from us. Doing steelers podcast. With the first game of the season. Coming up this sunday he'd want to shore. We can take a minute. Air him he would say. Get on with steel awful. Let's talk about this offensive line. What he's gonna say which we're going to get you here real soon. But i'm just a few things to lot man labor day i i was complaining..

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