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High. It is far that is off the wall. Weight comes home Wave scores. John Sterling of Khorasan W F A N Tyler wage scoring The winning run on Luke Voids hit a 65 victory. Over those Royals. The Rays took care the Red Sox eight to to snap a seven game slide while the Astros pushed their win streak to 10. 30. Nothing in Baltimore, the Padres top the Dodgers 53 for three game sweep, and the Mets beat the Braves. 732 split their four game series a busy night in MLS, The Philadelphia Union on a seven match unbeaten streak. Now, after a one nothing decision over Columbus. Five game unbeaten streak for Minnesota United to Nothing. Winners over Austin FC and The Revolution outscored the Red Bulls 32 for a five match win streak and Jeff Gordon will leave the Fox booth after the season to become the number two at Hendrick Motorsports will eventually succeed Rick Hendrick whenever he retires. Now, let's get stunned. It doesn't take much to surprise this bouncing baby boy. This is honestly the most stunned. I have ever been on the show to a news, but the show is stunned to a news. We are still fighting over the composition of tuna at subway. We did this story months ago when two people filed a class action lawsuit against the company saying it's tuna sandwich contains no tuna at all. Now we have a fresh report from The New York Times. Samples it's sent to an unnamed lab contained no detectable tuna DNA. The lab says it is possible the tuna is so processed that there's nothing left for its tests to pick up subway, of course, stands by its tuna, saying it is Skipjack and yellowfin tuna. Lisa Guerrero of Monday Night Football is passed. Today Report for inside edition over the winter, and their subway samples did contain some actual tuna and the plaintiffs in that original lawsuit have backed off their first claims a little bit. The suit now amended.

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