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For CNN called it touching rockets Lee funny adventurous and profound nominated for two Academy Awards for best animated film and the original song I can't let you throw yourself away written by Randy Newman KPCC supporters include Netflix participant media and the Obama's higher ground productions presenting American factory cultures clash when a Chinese company re opens a shattered GM factory in Ohio American factory academy award nominee best documentary feature I spoke with the executive editor of The New York Times dean Baquet about the lessons of the twenty sixteen election I wonder how much you think all of what we're talking about the assumptions not understanding the voters how much it has to do with our source I know as a protocol for how much I used to call figures within the party establishment operatives party leaders and those become important sources and I think about the party and the candor that and of course we know now that the democratic establishment clearly favored Clinton over Sanders and we know that the Republican establishment was horrified at the idea of dollars from from ing they're not now and looking back I think on some level we took the establishment as kind of experts on their party's candidates and they aren't necessarily reflecting what voters wanted in maybe the media allowed them to have outside influence on the yeah we we understood yeah which we think about I think that's true coupled with we weren't out my country enough so there came a moment where I would say that evidence on the ground started to contradict the assumption that we're talking about here on on both sides yeah that was once the voting actually got under way Sanders overwhelmingly won New Hampshire by a margin that really surprised us trump began sweeping the primary when you Hampshire than South Carolina Nevada do you think that the news room adequately responded to what was happening at that point on the ground yes and no yes the news room if we didn't take down some seriously as a candidate beforehand and dig into one as I recall I had more people doing internet that point you know suddenly he was a serious person and my recollection is we turn up the volume on him considerably and digging into his business dealings casinos his losses his finances so I do think we adjusted on him do I think we just sit on Bernie Sanders I mean it certainly felt at that moment I don't remember specific to certainly felt at that moment that both these guys were being taken more seriously yeah I'm not pulling back from my idea that we didn't quite have a finger on the country but I do think we started treating them more servers yes is it fair to say we turned up the volume to use your word on covering the candidates at this phase yeah but not the country the people voting for them yes we haven't learned that lesson yes I think that's right I think that's the biggest my biggest self criticism which is that of course we cover the country you'll see voters stories but I don't think we quite of course we did we did not do again and say why is this country pushing ahead with these two very you know unusual candidates Donald Trump Bernie Sanders and agree quite interested also I've been speaking with some of our colleagues in this conversation anticipating it and one of the observations of some of them had is that stories about the voters in the country were being written as you said yeah but they were not elevated yes in the same way that the candidate stories that's absolutely correct that's absolutely correct that's the tangible evidence of what I what I'm conceding what I'm saying there were reporters this is this is not an I mean more I said all all roads lead to the executive editor right no there were reporters in the country were writing stories about what was going on in the country we didn't elevate them and say wait a minute there's something powerful going on you we didn't see that let's talk about the final assumption yeah what happens once Clinton secures nomination democratic nomination and trump gets the Republican nomination which is the assumption that Clinton will win and she will likely win big what do you think was going on here once we reach this moment Clinton nominee trump Albany why had we not learn from the primary the trunk was not to be underestimated yeah you know it sure looked like he was going to lose he was a deeply flawed candidates I had reporters during the build up to the election with Mitch McConnell and others and I was calling them up all the time established in McConnell all of them were saying it sure looks like he's gonna lose questions by how much we bought into that some of it was common it's everything we're talking about is calling the experts it was you know not having a handle on the country all that's left to go in those last days so I want talk for just a quick second about the Clinton emails in this yeah contact the emails that were stolen yeah by Russia and disseminated on wikileaks yeah do you think that the assumption that you have very clearly laid out here that she was going to be the next president influence the coverage of her when we got those emails because we made the decision to get those emails we didn't have to publish them yeah we're we applying perhaps more scrutiny to her campaign because we were covering her innocence as if she were the president in waiting and we wanted to apply the kind of scrutiny that you would use to such a person no I think if we had gotten I mean I I think we've got like Iran our coverage of wikileaks I was washing bureau chief Iran are covered in snow and tapes we go into this stuff really carefully but you have to report the news worthy stuff too fine hi there gonna be the people listen to those who ask I guess Jen again in Russia because now we know we are sure says that we didn't we didn't already knew we knew they were ill gotten here's my view when I understand it may not be popular when you learn something there should not be a whole lot that we learn about important service a we don't publish my view is that publishing is journalism not publishing is political balancing I I think and I hear the next question because I've gotten the next big document dumb comes in about something anything I've even seen other other journalists say I hope we understand that we can't publish that stuff now I will read it we will evaluate it we will look at it in a new context that we understand which is Russia is actively trying to influence American elections that will be part of the calculation but the calculation can not be we're just not going to publish because that would screw up American politics you know at that point I will go into businesses like a campaign adviser to people and not as a journalist if such a leak as happened in twenty sixteen happens this time around and if we believe that it is an act of a foreign government attempting to influence our election as it turned out to be in twenty sixteen will we apply a different standard sure story will look to you we will have we will take all of these things into account in debate so if I if I walk back to my office today and has a batch of documents that show you know all kinds of stuff about Donald Trump or all kinds of stuff about Joe Biden it's after we will know in the back of our minds that were being manipulated which is going to raise the bar a little bit right if it's just a little bit of stuff about candid acts and how he doesn't like his campaign manager that doesn't raise the bar past were being manipulated if it's the tax returns of a cannon and it's really important and compelling and we're being manipulated my view is we have to publish it in say were being manipulated so we would use news judgment if it's fee silly stuff were clearly being manipulated to her hunter Biden and baseless investigation less interesting taxes of a presidential candidate more interesting more interesting and I'm and I'm sure the debate will be more fierce than it was in two thousand sixteen but in the end if there is information of the American public should now we'll publish it and that's what we do thirteen at long last let's go to election night sixteen what do you remember about that night I remember you know shock is still in that moment like our assumptions had truly guided us all the way to the final moments of election night yeah and then they have been burst yes I don't think we had a handle on the turmoil in the country something surprising and shocking happened with the election of Donald Trump and the little narcissistic for my taste to spend forever beating ourselves up over it was a very unlikely unlike any other presidential candidate in my lifetime and probably forever who walked in and captured the country at a particular moment but I I think we're up to here is an exercise in explaining of the country what we learned of course the minute Alexian change journalism it was it was historic and a lot of ways I also think wanna see nurses as the I'm just saying there's a there's a fine line between understanding it and also understanding that something giant happened and while we should change our rules to understand it to keep from missing a story like that my future I don't think we should go into with the assumption that all of our rules are wrong if that's on me wait.

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