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Called me, Dr Alabama 2594 to 1976 94 to 1970. Six. To a NewsRadio one. Oh 55 wrc huge spending bill being taken up by the house later in the week more on this in just a minute. Right now, Traffic and weather together. Captain Carl is here. An update in trust Bill 59 Southbound Still a bit slow round chock full mountain road with that crashed just before I 4 59 been pulled out of the way. Also dealing with a little bit of slow traffic. 59 South Beach around First Avenue, heading in through downtowns, Emerging delays there as well. Still some heaviest traffic 65 North US Highway 1 19. Up through the Hoover area. Also high weight to 80 slow starting back around highway 1 19 crowded is a lot of folks are heading up toward the Red Mount Expressway Traffic updates every 10 minutes all morning long your next report at 8 40 on NewsRadio one Oh 55 w E. R C Looks like we'll have a pretty decent day today. Partly cloudy 30% chance for pop up shower here and there 88 will be the high right now We've got some clouds in 76 Alabama's morning news. Local firefighters been injured on the job. Angie Normal's got more in a couple of minutes. But first Fox News covers the world Fox News. I'm Chris Foster the Democrats between a half trillion dollar bill. Expanding the social safety net with programs like paid leave for all workers and more health care is being taken up tomorrow and Friday by the House ways. Means committee, West Virginia Senate Democrat Joe Manchin says it's too much money, but President Biden says at the end has always been there. He's always been with me. I think we can work something out and.

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