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And yelich isn't much older than him. And yelich ding near won a triple crown last year too. I don't expect the triple crown type level every year. What you're saying to me is by was close to that to other than the batting average was low. I I don't know how you can expect more out of him is there room for girls. Sure, I suppose I mean if he's going to turn into a hall of fame caliber guy, which isn't impossible. Well, I mean better than last year seems push. Yelich? I'm not necessarily saying better than has to come down. Okay. Continue sarah. I'm not necessarily saying better than last year. I'm just saying I think similar around the same slightly better slightly worse. But in that same kinda area I in if if he can improve his on-base percentage than than definitely better. I mean, he isn't a bad batting average. I'm okay with two ninety. It's more the strikeouts. That's something, you know. And I know I know he's interviews. He said, you know, that's he's well aware that something that that he's working on. So he's he's trying to get the patience and the mentality to not get overly aggressive and chase stuff that he knows. He can't hit that you know, his weak spots. You know that pitchers are continued to try to explain but even as much as they try to exploit him last year. He still hit two ninety. But yeah, if if he was we'll see what happens. Exactly we will. And it's going to be a good time. So in the end, you seriously gonna tell me that you think the cubs have the better lineup. I think the brewers obviously have the better lineup. Now, you can argue some things about you know, they're talking about moose stock us at second base. Which is interesting to say, the least, and it's something we're gonna get into much more later in spring as things shakeout show or moussaka second. How much does it really hurt? You these two managers though, they're both tinkerers they both like toy with the lineup. They're going to be doing a lot of double switching and the bench that these two clubs have our deep. Where's I I'm projecting? Something like a Kanye bronze Shaw granddaughter moussaka see type lineup. What are you projecting for the cubs? Because I want to hear your concept on wear. The cubs are actually better than the brews in that lineup. As far as do. We want to go by spot buy spot in the order, maybe not necessarily. I'm just I'm just wondering I think the brewers have well Bryan potentially the best lineup in nationally Ryan Rizzo by as two three four. Okay. I wanna focus through three. Let's look at two three four that those are fairly that's fairly likely, and let's talk about two three four Bryant Rizzo Byas. And and who who did you say you're projecting to three or four for the brewers? I'm probably looking at yelich bronze Shaw, but Bron can be flipped with Eddie Laar in the five hole. So it could be something like yelich egg Yarsha. Yeah. We think we know. We may. I mean shock could that's fine there that? Yeah. It's not going to be. I mean, Bryant and Rizzo are likely going to be right in there by as it's hard to say. I mean, it may depend on who's who the starting pitcher is and things like that. So that's understandable. But just a narrow it to who are your three horses. Well, that's gonna be probably yelich Aguilar. And you know, could be moussaka sun one day, Sean, another I think the horse that you're forget. Well, no, you focus that the two three four and really this. Bruise lineup starts at the one whole. That's the problem. You're you guys are very iffy. On your leadoff, Lorenzo Cain is what kicks this off. Okay. Well, that's fair. Okay. So one through four you're talking Kane at one, which certainly you know, does something to that lineup. I'd agree. Yeah. The yeah. I mean when you've got yellow in the two hole covered with either Braun or yard depending on who's hot. And then probably a lefty in the forest Bod if you're against right handed pitcher. Yeah. So I would say normally something like Cain yelich Braun and Shaw makes sense Brun only play one hundred games though. So let's go Kane yelich Aguilera Shaw. Okay. Because really eg is gonna play a lot more games than Broncos. Okay. Well, I mean, I have to say Kane. I mean, you probably got the one spot in the Burs lineup as a little better than the cubs. Just because it's kind of a question, Mark. I mean, some projections of saying Benz over I think it's going to vary significantly. I mean Rizzo led off a number of game last year. So. So it's really hard to say. But but yeah, just while you tried to cut the one spot out. I get it. I mean, I kind of see the I can kind of understand the philosophy of the leadoff, maybe not necessarily. Maybe being as important as the game used to be played the past remember leadoff hitter. Always was agree with that. Yeah. I mean, you always had someone with a lot of stolen bases high. Batting average high on base percentage, you know, so. Obviously, that's a little little different. But but yeah. I don't know. Well, I'd I'd say the brewers win the one spot. Kane is an awesome person to have their high on base percentage. Pretty good OB p to not VP but Opie s as well yelich in the two hole versus Bryant in the two hole. Regression the mean for normal performance from Bryant puts them pretty pretty level. But some pretty arguably. So I mean yelich found is power grew last year veasley coming from Marlins park Miller park makes a difference. But he's a young player developing power. Bryant is already a little more advanced on the power side. Yeah. Let's like he's tweaking some things as see tweaks and things it's odd season. And obviously I mentioned last last episode, you know, about his launch angle. Was was it changed something with the shoulder injury something he there, and he's he's spent a lot of time on that. So it's gonna be interesting. Apparently, I've said some some interviews and things like he's he's got his power stroke back. So that's gonna make a big difference in my book. I still give yelich edge because we know he's improving. He doesn't have an injury history. That's my opinion on it. You'd probably arguably disagree or say that could be about even the three hole sh you know, Aguilar versus Rizzo. I probably give you a little bit of the edge on resumed. Okay. Okay. His I don't know if you have his numbers up or not I can try and get egg LARs numbers up. We've got last season. You know, he was hot as heck to start the year last year didn't finish his hot. But he came back around in the playoffs the postseason. He was pretty solid. There are some moments that weren't so great, but thirty five bombs. To seventy four batting average three fifty two on base percentage. So that put him with an obese which is on base plus slugging for those of you that aren't aware eight ninety and I think that's one of the most important numbers in baseball. I think it gets overlooked when you're trying to talk about the potential explosiveness of a lineup. I think Opie s is really kind of where it's at for numbers. But we've talked you'll look at Rizzo. Yeah. We've talked a lot about Opie s you know, Rizzo last year he had he did have a little slump at one point. So last year was just I you know, in some ways touch below normal. That's why Madden slaughtermen the one spot in the lineup there for bed because for some reason that seems to take Rizzo out of his slump. I don't know why. But I something. Yeah. I don't know what that is kind of your Joe Madden magic. I guess but his his opiates numbers. He was eight forty six last year. Eight ninety nine the year before nine twenty eight. In two thousand sixteen when they won the World Series shirt. You know, he's usually kinda to ninety ish batting average or so he did only hit twenty five home runs last year. Whereas the previous four years he had over thirty home runs. He's usually good for around one hundred to one hundred ten RBI's every season. So so he started his decline is what you're saying. I wouldn't say decline. I mean, he's twenty eight years old. That's not. Oh, I'm kidding. It'd be twenty nine this year. He's he's. Yeah. So right and on the opposite side of that you'll ours been a late bloomer last year was by far is best season as his first really full season as a starter. He didn't even start the first month of the year. Remember themes was getting most of the starts. So that thirty five home run. Mark could be even better. He hits for good average. What if what you're saying about he was an MVP candidate? First half. What you're saying about bias and his potential for improvement. I think there's room for Jesus to improve as well. Yeah. Then cases could be a real player. I think I'll give you the edge with Rizzo just based on history. And you know, if you wanna talk defense, maybe a little bit too. Although Aguilera's cat lake at times. But yeah. Yeah. Those if can, you know, hey, sues hits that to seventy Mark. With forty home runs. I'm golden

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