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The Soviet days and if you're not outraged you're an idiot let me just say that okay funds attorney further asserted that his previous lawyers at Covington Burling had betrayed him by advising that he plead guilty without providing adequate assistance of counsel the Covington Burling team was constitutionally deficient and had not even informed general Flynn that the agents who interviewed him initially didn't think he was lying saw no indication of deception but that's okay they changed the the document later Flynn's lead lawyer Sydney Powell said this one in Sydney Powell is a a real star yeah she's standing up for what's right so naturally the media is out to get her to that's how corrupt they are truly extraordinary judge general Flynn withdrawing is his plea he will not be found guilty we already know that the FBI railroad and we don't have to like wait to find that out also today the the headline from this also from fox news broke Sigman X. trump aid Carter page file suit against D. N. C. over dossier quote this is only the first salvo and quote it's an exclusive that fox says former trump campaign adviser Carter page filed a lawsuit Thursday that's today this morning in federal court against the Democratic National Committee law firm Perkins co E. that's those they they crooked Washington Democrat firm that hired fusion GPS that hired Christopher steel that created the fake Russian intelligence project product that we laughingly called the dossier it's a fancy French word you know they got fancy French words for all kinds of things this one is doctor what's a fancy French word for prostitute because I think it would parallel the fancy French word for dossier dot CA there it is it's got an eye glass to come see a former cab truck campaign adviser Carter page filed a lawsuit Thursday federal court gets the DMC and Perkins co E. and its partners tied to the funding of the unverified so called dossier that served as the basis for a highly controversial surveillance warrants against him at least two of which we now know to be illegal there were four and at least two of them the third and fourth warrants which by the way the fourth one was while trump was already in the White House and they're still spying on them and and it has this to hop rule keep in mind so there's surveilling Carter page and then they can surveil anybody Carter page talks to and then they can surveil anybody that talks to anybody that Carter page talks to that becomes a very wide net very rapidly and that's what crooked Kobe and the the corrupt Obama administration were doing all right so the suit was filed and and this is that that that two warrants were illegal the first two they're still reviewing to see whether those were illegal to but there was insufficient probable cause an insufficient credit kept to secure a FISA warrant to spy according to the justice department cording to the FISA court and the justice department now the Obama administration was illegally spying illegally issuing warrants and call me was illegally securing illegal warrants are gonna keep saying illegal to spy on its electronic surveillance which is a synonym for a spotlight on the the members of the trump campaign and and and and the entirety of this Krups city whistling past the graveyard like there's nothing to see here it's it's staggering how corrupt these people are very case it is a says a first step to ensure the full extent of the fires of beers that has occurred during the last few years is exposed and remedied attorney John Pierce said Thursday that's today defendant said those they worked with inside the federal government did not and will not succeed in making America a surveillance state yeah we're pretty damn close we got clapper lying under oath about that they're gathering up all of our emails all of our phone calls all over numbers they're gathering on putting in and giant servers and Utah and elsewhere that the government is built with our taxpayer dollars are we sweeping up all this meta data on Americans and under oath James clapper said no that's a felony lie that's perjury and why that SOB hasn't been put into cups yet I just don't know but there it is page first filed a defamation suit on his own against the parties in October of two thousand eighteen in a court in Oklahoma but that suit was dismissed in two thousand nineteen after the judge ruled the court lacked jurisdiction over the case level box so here it is they're spying on everybody illegal warrants changing documents losing documents and the news media is like no trump bad orange man bat Obama good slow rise of O. G. oceans you know Larry St Clair whatever Larry Sinclair yeah that's right who is Larry Sinclair held a press conference that he had sex with Barack Obama and did lots of cocaine never yeah that guy where a simpler so general Flynn withdraw his guilty plea and the government is guilty of this Carter page she was already been completely and utterly vindicated six ways from Sunday as chuckle Schumer might say is now suing and it's the first salvo that means he's going to do a lot of other people and I certainly help some you know coverage in Catholic was smeared and they won I don't know how much from CNN already they're gonna whether other lawsuits ships we live in the age of the great life some of us are standing on the house top shouting the truth you decide Washington's mall one of five point nine FM W. M. A. L. where Washington comes to talk hi I'm Brian Scudamore from one eight hundred got junk is it too early to do spring cleaning springtime is here ma'am but the calendar says springtime came to your house the moment we arrived we bring the spring time with us ma'am but I haven't really prepared for spring cleaning you don't need to prepare ma'am just walk around and pointed junkie which would disappear and then what happens it disappears really all you have to do is point all I have to do is points.

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