Seventy Seven Percent discussed on Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates - Should College Athletes Be Paid?


Today it is now seventy seven percent now those numbers could improve but guess what they were done without paying a single die of pay for play you've heard from the opposition fair value of college athlete so you will how 'bout focusing on value we education fairly for people of color particularly black athletes education is resistance what better going to agree to help you prepare and resist the ravages of racism in a world that essentially as hostile to you because of the color of your skin it's time we've you'd pay for play as a sarcastic deterrent and pay off to deter that type of resistance the corruption and college sports than we probably will touch on has its roots fueled by money but rather than destroy those routes for played deepens them every ill that has been mentioned and we'll be mention by the proponents have pay for play can be cured by controlling spending continued academic reform and assuring that directs commercial success in yours to the benefit of the college athlete first and foremost their health safety and welfare not by substituting a fix in amounts that probably will have less impact than an earned agree on the lives of these athletes and for that reason i urge you guys to vote no on this proposition thank you leno mark i'm john dunn van round one of this intelligence squared you estimate continues in just a moment andrew reminder of where we are we are halfway through the opening round of this intelligence squared us debate i'm john done then we have four debaters two teams of two debating this motion pay college athletes you've heard the first two opening statements a now onto the third here is jonas sarah he is bloomberg view columnist and co author of indentured the inside story of the rebellion against the nc aa ladies and gentleman jono sarah.

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