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Phil's E. J heard on once in your mind 21 after the hour till eventually got handed off today, But rawness is here and what's in your mind? Well, thanks, Todd. We're going to wrap up this half hour with Congressman Kelly Armstrong and we've got a number of text questions here on Measure three, Kelly, but first and foremost the most important thing of Ah, I think of your fall. Kelly is you've got a daughter with a second year dough tag. And your wife has just taken her hunter safety course and passed and she has a deer take and your young son I bet he's so fired up to go with Mom and his sister and help them harvest to dear this fall. And the most fun I've ever had was, I think ever hunting was with my daughter last year when she got her first white tell Doe it was it. You know, I grew up with that. My dad. My dad's friend's taking me hunting and that'll be interesting. I'm not sure I'll get my wife to do it or not. She did Hunter safety, which I'm glad he's dead. I'm not going to push her into it. But having having the whole family out out out there, sit in a deer blind is about the best thing. The best thing I can think of. That makes me love North, a coda. Well, I think those were the greatest successes as a as a hunter and a sportsman is on getting your kidney. You kids out there and get them fired up about whether or not That use program really should be celebrated the game and fish has done a great job because if we love this heritage, and we love what we do, getting getting getting young people into the outdoors is good for the young people, but it's also good for what we love. Well, I was in the Legislature. I was around the legislature those years and the guy sitting on my left representative Todd Porter, I think is probably more responsible for getting those youth seasons. Move down. Take ages where those kids can still be interested before they move on to other things in life. So, Kelly, let's talk about Measure three. I've got Ah, whole host of text here, and I know you're pretty passionate about this issue. And I'll just I'll just start on these text questions of fifth year. Okay, Without who's really behind this measure. There's a local group out front. It seems to be out front, but who's really behind this? And what do they want? Yet it the local group is an Astor to organization, 99% of their funding comes from groups like Fair Vote. Both smart Go look at who the people who funded those organizations are and then look at what else they support across the country. They do not have the North Dakota's best interests at heart. They just simply don't they don't like who we elect. They don't like how we conduct business. They can't win in a free and fair elections, so they're trying to change the way we do it that simple. They're trying to change who we elect and how we govern the state of North Dakota. And I think that should scare anybody that outside groups can come in here and try and change how we do things here. There was a lawsuit filed last week by other brighter future alliance alleging that they didn't tell signatories on this at the post office in the grocery stores. All the facts when they were when they were signing it. What do you What do you see on that one? Well, I know they were lying to people. The only thing they were talking to him about what? Ah, one minor section That doesn't really matter all that much about extending overseas veterans, the ability to vote. We have the easiest found access in North Dakota, and we have the easiest voting access to dark Dakota. But I think the lawsuit has it. Because they fight the century code outside of bad law. I don't know why you would have the century code in the North Dakota Constitution, but they don't cite the underlying text to the century code. That's what the legal challenges and if you don't fight the underlying text, and the Legislature can change the Constitution anytime they want just by changing that. That's terrible public policy, and I hope the lawsuit prevails. Kelly one of the little hidden items, and this measure is ranked choice. Voting something that most of us were to go to had never heard of. Before. We saw it come out after this petition was certified. Yeah, I don't think it's hidden. I think it's their number one goal. You combine that, with moving for people, nonpartisan to the general and ranked choice voting and the easiest way I can explain rain choice voting. If you have to legitimate candidates on one or he sighed, and you have to grievance candidate on the same side like that, and nobody gets 40 or nobody gets to 50 50% because you sent four to the ballot, the grievance candidates get to vote. Because one of them will come off. And then whoever the people that voted for the grievance candidates second choices they will determine who wins the election. So let me make that clear. If you have a socialist on the ballot that get 10% of the vote, whoever the Socialist voted for seconds Will determine who wins the election. I've been in North Dakota politics for a long time. Our problem isn't isn't that we don't have enough check choices. When is the last time we have seen Ford, truly legitimate candidate for any office in North Dakota would be the first state in the country to do it..

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