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How you learn how to network and became successful. So everything that we the unite- is the plus one it's the storytelling which covers all aspects of. That's really good. Excuse me. How do you think technology has changed what we do? And and I wanna get the two parts to this. The first part I wanna stay on the BNI track. How technology and social media and everything else changed how we do networking? So for me. I read a book in the early nineteen s by John Nesbitt called mega trends and in it. He said that we're we're moving he said one of the big trends in the world is network, and he said that in early eighties. And he said, we're moving towards a high tech high touch -ociety that more technologically advanced would become the more important is to have a high touch to connect with people we've arrived where there what he predicted in the early. Eighties has come true. And so to me on my networking social networking and face to face networking. It's not either. Or it's both hand that both have a place in building a successful business today. And that's the prices people to hear the founder of being I say that. But the truth is. It is true. It's and it's powerful technology has flatten the communication hierarchy when I started being I a conversation someone through zoom someplace else in the world for free was unheard of unheard of this one of my largest line items in my budget was the long distance phone Bill. It's not even I don't even know where it isn't a budget. Now there is no long distance from Bill to speak. So technology is really changed the ability to connect. And so I'm believer in social media. But it's not either ords both engineered to have both the face to face and social media. That's how I feel. So it's helped, but it's also hindered. I haven't talked about that also hindered it in the sense that sometimes people think all have to do is is post on on social media, and people are just gonna knocked on my door trying to do business, and that's just not true P applies online visibility credibility profitability applies online. But I think it takes longer to build a relationship online and does face to face. At I've really found over the years. Social media can be amazing when taken offline I used to love Twitter, I'm still on Twitter base. A love Twitter is we would have then conversations in real life that make friends through it make connections, but always happen offline south on you. So now staying with technology, then how his technology and social media anything else changes the craft of storytelling. Do you think? Well, it's it's been good and bad. It's it's been good because I'm able to get my message out to so many more people. I think the challenge with it is telling a story in one hundred forty characters you know, it's hard to do that. But if you include links, so I'm again, I'm a fan because you know, if you could just give a sound bite to get someone interested and then take them to a site where maybe you have a short video couple minutes video or you have content like in my blog where you can go a little bit deeper get a little more granular, it's powerful. So I think superficially, it's problematic because everything looks like sound bites, but, but if you can link stuffed where you can go deeper than I think, it's it's powerful and based on results I'd have to say, it's incredibly powerful. I mean, just look at the girl to being in the first eleven years of BNI. From nineteen hundred to nineteen ninety six we opened five hundred chapters now, nineteen ninety six is generally considered to be the start of the World Wide Web. So nine hundred ninety six thousand seven I eleven years, we opened five hundred groups, and I used to have people say to me, oh, the internet's going to really affect be an eye, and they're all right. It did from from nine hundred ninety six to two thousand and seven we opened five thousand groups. I eleven years five hundred second eleven years five thousand we're pushing nine thousand now and I think I'm a phantom online. But you just got it use it in a way that for those people wanna go deeper, they can they can follow you into a more granular kind of platform. Yeah. And it's interesting too because the hundred forty characters the six second videos Facebook lives, it can be done terribly. But it can also be done with an incredible skill and precision for storytellers makes me jealous of some people's, skills and creativity. Yeah. But then we go to school on them. And we improve our own storytelling as result. Absolutely. Which is kind of the cool part too. I think about this as a kind of what you said earlier kind of to echo that. To get our story out into with so many people around the world can be very powerful, we can learn so much. So that's that's huge. You've gotta believe you've heard all kinds of stories from around the world, all your travel, all the BNI participants. Everybody you've got to her tennis stories you have any favorites. Stick out, just maybe in general, maybe inspirational may be related, but what kind of stories impact you. Well, I think the stories that have a have a message. You know? I mean, a real meaningful message. Those are the stories that always impact me, and it may be in be and maybe how much money they made. But oftentimes, it's not the ones that really stick in my mind are are the transformation stuff how they were before. And how they are. Now like people who say, yeah. Yeah. Made a lot of money. But let me tell you something what I really love about the United. I can now stand and talk to a large group of people and be comfortable with that. You know, it's taught me how to speak to others. When I hear people tell stories about how they're in business today because of being I that that one guy in particular that I met he said that he put his entire life. Savings into starting his moving and storage company is entire life. Savings is retirement everything his wife, they hoard it into this business, and they opened their doors in January or February of two thousand eight. And he said the great recession hit. And he was keep

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