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Did in a Danish Super League last year. Do it now in the Turkish league. This is a player that is shown a penchant for scoring goals. Greg berhalter has said it's about form and this position. It is a World Cup year. I repeat World Cup year and he's scoring goals. Absolutely he merits a column. Yeah, he scored everywhere. You mentioned Denmark, he scored for a shot because reserves when he was there. He was a superstar for the U 17 national team, boatloads of goals for them. Whether he deserves a call up or not, I feel like that's an easy answer because anybody deserves a call up and in this day and age under Greg berhalter used what almost 40 players in the qualifying cycle forget that's probably something more like 50 or 60 in terms of guys that he debuted or used throughout his entire time, but almost 40 just in the qualifying cycle, then you add on top of it, the position of need that this is, and you were very focused on the fact that he's 6 foot three, which I think is brilliant. You love to have a nice target. He's also versatile. He can play through the middle. He has a little bit of like winger in his game. So he's got some. I think it's obvious. I think it's obvious that he's going to get a call up between now and the World Cup. Real quick, give me a give me a percentage chance that he turns into the next Hercules Gomez and makes this World Cup squad come November. That's not a very quick answer. I would tell you, in my eyes, it should be a 30% chance because that's about how it would happen with me. I had zero World Cup qualifying minutes zero camps and I made that flight, but so did a few other guys, and that's the thing. It's very eerily similar to my situation and the 9 situation in 2010 World Cup to this situation now. So I'll give them a 30% chance. Wow. 30% is actually pretty good for a guy who has yet to have a senior national team cap in a World Cup year. There you have it. Hercules Gomez loves the late charging striker for Qatar in Haji right. Let's transition to the Copa del Rey, big final played over the weekend real bettis against Valencia albeit not in their home stadium, but in their home city of Seville they take an early lead Hector bayard.

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