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Know God did me my Goddamn point that's kind of how it is on C ROM. That's how it is. But goddamn, this is bad story. I'm not I mean do you I don't want to ask this question. What do you make chicken shish kebab house? I don't want to say how do you fucken chicken? But just they got to check and hold while I like your pic a dick off. When you say no teeth, sorry put that certainly what makes you like. You know what I need to do this. Like at this point you might as well just have you ever seen a chicken's ass? No, I don't want to see a chicken's ass. Have you seen chickens past? I've seen a chicken's ass why she kills chickens walk around. I'm just talking about like the Amos or obviously just feel better. Just look Milly. Obviously this new as depraved as they described. So it's like a child point is the thing though. It's like it doesn't make it out of here for one. The chickens are collateral damage. Their God is bad. That is bad. I am never gonna look at McNuggets again the same way so bad like Jesus took some Edge and like if it was a chicken farm, It's going to be some weird looking mutant, but you can't. All right, last one. That was rough. I don't know why that one rubbed me the wrong way, but that was that bad. Hi, Johnny, Gill. Don't forget it is already right away. Have you right away son-of-a-bitch, and I stroked yo off. So fuck this dude, right cuz it's a bullshit hear how the fuck this story to handshake Muslim and deny German citizenship over handshake refusal a German Court refused a month. A man ruled that a Muslim man should be denied citizenship after he refused to shake the hand of a female immigration official due to religious reasons..

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