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Well it's his kind of story and basically the rundown of it is he's just got a horrible father who's just like honestly the worst man around we've i mean unfortunately it's the reputation a lot of men in the south have you know but it's all over the place you just abusive fathers you get it all over the country and he hates his dad and he runs away and then because his music career is just not doing well he comes back to to try and make peace with it and five is devils and his dad is completely just lebanon him and he can't handle it but then god convicts them and and it's just comes to be a great story and it ends up leading to this song that changed and impacted the lives of millions man i love it i can't wait to see it i saw the previews to it leaning i went and saw that fifteen seventeen to paris is that what it's called travis movie so i went and saw that movie and the and that the the previews for the mercy movie were on and i just was transfixed on it i can't wait to see it thanks for not only are cleaner your movie critic to do what i can got a quite a resume danny happy easter brother we appreciate you man he's one of the that's a regular we got a lot of regulars we got late and we got dan we've got hose are boy they call it in from zuri last week what's his name travis you remember see dave i forget kevin dave mickey's back oh mcgee hold.

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