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Not a big drinker. Neither julie really but we do. Love heart seltzer especially in the summer. I find it really refreshing. And i like the buzzer to gives me and we've been very into busy recently. It's the first heart seltzer. That's crafted with antioxidant vitamins. E is actually extracted from sorolla cherry. Which is a super fruit with thirty times more vitamin c per cup than an orange. And obviously there's like a million hearts altered on the market. But i think what we like about this company the most that they have so many dual fruit flavor so for example pineapple mango black cherry lime strawberry kiwi blueberry pomegranate papaya passion fruit watermelon strawberry blackberry lemon and raspberry tangerine. I'm big on the watermelon strawberry. But they're honestly really good and they also launched in april their own. Lemonade heart seltzer. So they have watermelon peach raspberry and strawberry. It's five percent. Ab the one hundred calories unless than one gram of real cane. Sugar her can upgrade your heart Busy to find out where you can purchase busy too. Busy heart seltzer. Dot com slash. Cdc that's a busy heart cells are dot com slash. Cbc must be twenty one or older one thing about kathy hilton. She knows how to plan a motherfucking dinner. I could probably sit on this podcast for the full hour and a half and just talk about kathy planning dinner. The actual like setup of the dinner the rot gifts her butler the food being served the caviar pie and vodka and the lamb chops and her house. i mean this is literally what i live for and this right here is exactly what we needed. Because this is what makes it the real housewives of beverly hills so to have the most drama filled dinner with the backdrop that were at the hiltons mansion with her butlers. Getting involved renna is ringing the bell. And there's caviar. Like i was just in literally like read said we've left beverly hills and we've entered the gates of heaven. I was about to coterie. I know and the other thing. I kept thinking about so many connick and really i would go. As far as a historic events have happened in the hilton residents. So many that we don't even know about and so. I just kept in my mind thinking like this. Dining room has been the exact spot for a lot of very cool things that have preceded it the people what those walls have seen if they could talk. I can't even imagine. And kathy posted the funniest photo of her son. Barron and his wife tessa on the landing of the balcony listening in on the dinner party. And i think on paris's podcast. They spoke about that. All they heard was like yelling and imagine just like when your parents have people over and you don't wanna go downstairs or when you're younger and like listen in from your bedroom but it's this in this dinner. Are you kidding me. I can't i just have no words for that. it's something that i can't even try to comprehend. Second of all. Patrick did not know what he was walking into like. Nothing could have prepared him. This sweet little soul. As cathy said he was just trying to serve the rack of lamb. And i mean all hell was breaking loose in front of his vary is he is funny. He is a character. like i need him and patricia. Butler michael to like have a spin off series. I don't even know like they need to train. All the butlers of america honestly yes okay like oh should we talk about that. So this is when sutton sits down erica's at the table and she starts with. We should chat. I wanna make sure that you're okay. I mean listen erica's response to this. The one thing. I will give her is that it did set the scene. She did not change revived the entire time. The lack of interest she had to engage with sutton stayed consistent if not continued to rise right like she wasn't trying to put on a happy face or say. Sure like yeah. We'll maybe talk later sugarcoated. No she was coming in strong like she didn't say hi sutton she was very stoic and i just thought it was so interesting also that they were seated next to each other like. What would the conversation. All night have looked like if they were across the table. Or would that have changed. Anything but erica. From the gecko you can tell does not wanna get into it but also really wants to get into it. I wanna touch on the seating for a second though. Because i was really going back and forth on this in my mind and the conclusion that i came. Jus i wonder what you think what you guys think is. I think i would have preferred them across from another or even like a little bit diagonal because it made me feel as though since they were so close almost felt like it didn't get to the level that it could have gone to know sounds crazy because it got so intense but it didn't allow for any kind of personal space. I almost felt like sutton couldn't find her voice. In the way that she navy would have been able to if there was a table separating them right like there's something about being that close to someone can literally feel their breath as you're speaking and saying these things that may be change. Just the whole vibe. I think that plays an important role. And i'm curious. If production has a real say in the seating chart. Or if it's literally just capi waltzing around her little table putting the place cards and saying oh. This should be good. You know whatever will the reason that i don't think conduction would have necessarily done. That is because think about historically they put the two people right across from another.

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