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Tonight, a confirmed case of tuberculosis at clearance. Randall elementary school in Taylor. In a message to parents school officials say the child is not in school and not exposed to other students President Trump urging West Virginia Republicans to vote for their party's candidates next Tuesday, particularly Patrick Morrissey for US Senate. He told a cheering crowd. It would be a disaster. If Democrats took control of the house, and it could happen could happen. We're doing very well. And we're doing really well in the Senate, but could happen, and you know, what you do my whole life. You know what I'm saying? Don't worry about it. I'll just figure it out in Miami, Florida. Meanwhile, former President Obama rallied for Democrats CBS news with more to live report at six o'clock in Ferndale. Police are asking for the public's help. In identifying a man they believed dropped hundreds of screws and nails across the departments parking lot leading to several flat tires. Here's Ferndale public information. Officer Barron Brown, we started discover that a few people's tires had been flattened by some screws one of which was one of our scout cars, we did some checking around because it was obviously suspicious, and we found a large quantity of screws at had been very intentionally spread in three different areas that being the entrance and exit from the police headquarters along nine mile road as well as the street in the parking lot of the district court. A photo of the suspect has been posted to our website, WW J, NewsRadio dot com. W w j news time five fifty two. It's time for Jeff Gilbert.

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