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Dorothy Parker hers is one of the only three portable series, including volumes to voted to William Shakespeare in the bible that have remained in Hinton 'esprit forties during the nineteen thirties and forties. Parker became an increasingly vocal advocate of civil liberties and civil rights and frequent critic of authority figures during the great depression. She was among numerous intellectuals and artists who became involved in related social movements. She reported in nineteen thirty seven on the loyalist causing Spain for the communist magazine, the new masses Pirker help to establish the Hollywood anti Nazi league nineteen thirty six which the FBI suspected of being a communist party front. Parker also served as chair of the joint anti-fascist rescue committees fundraising arm. Spanish refugee appeal, she organized project rescue ship Till's transport loyalist veterans to Mexico headed Spanish children's relief and lend her name various left wing causes and organizations her former roundtable friends saw her less and less in the publication red channels in nineteen fifty Parker was listed as a say it with me calmly. Sorry say trying to blacklist list, but I think of it in time, and I got nervous. So going out is like blood. Is the answer copy? I was on the right track. The I had a thousand page dossier on her because of her suspected moment in communism. Because remember it was the aero and Senator Joseph McCarthy was freaking out about suspected communist government in Hollywood. Remember to check out sixty eight Joe McCarthy and the second red scare it's very good. As a result of the FBI Intel movie studio bosses placed her on the Hollywood blacklist her final screenplay was the fan and nineteen forty-nine adaptation of Oscar Wilde's lady Windermere's fan..

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