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Coming up in Fort Worth and in Canada. KRLD is Mitch car asks, Mary, Sean Stein from Bloomberg news who's holding the meeting in Montreal. And what it's all about that meeting hosted by what's called I oughta itchy international Air, Transport Association and basically that's a group. It encompasses all airline operators around the world. All of the major airline operators around the world and. So they've called this meeting up in, in Montreal where they're going to talk about the steps that are needed to sort of allow the plane to fly again, you know, reviewing what's gone on. Hopefully, they may have an indication of Boeing's proposed software details and, and they're gonna talk about, you know, the training in preparation to bring the plane back into operation and on may twenty third same day and right here in North Texas and Fort Worth. There's a big meeting who's involved in that one hosted by the US Federal Aviation Administration, and they're going to bring it about fifty of their counterparts from other countries and they're going to discuss plans for reviewing the software update for the max and then what new pilot training would be required. For the Matt, there is so much involved here in bowling didn't wasn't at that hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill, but the FAA and the NTSB were kind of. Taking behind the woodshed is the old saying goes and asked a lot of tough questions, especially by Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. What are you hearing in terms of win? These planes might even get to the point of being tested to see if they can fly again. Well, you know, there's a lot of a lot of information out there, you can guess, and a lot of speculation. But it has to start with the FAA getting Boeing's proposed software fix that could occur as soon as the end of next week. And then they begin a review that will include test flight that are done by Boeing and input from a Pedrick advisory board that was created by Boeing. And so, you know Gary Kelly southwest head their annual meeting in Denver yesterday. Gary Kelly said he is still hopeful that it will return to flight this summer, but he saying, you know, I'm not predicting that I'm still hopeful about that. And southwest is already told us that once they get the okay from federal officials you can fly the match again. It's going to take them at least a month to bring those planes back into service, perish slanging Stein from Bloomberg. Walmart customers could get hit with higher prices over the tree. Trade war and details from Jason Brooks. Walmart says it may be forced to raise prices due to the higher tariffs on Chinese imports chief financial officer. Brett Biggs told reporters that the retailer is monitoring tariff discussions and said that increased tariffs will lead to increase prices for WalMart, customers investors are concerned about the impact of the trade war on WalMart, given that it's the biggest importer in the US. And the company also says that it plans to speed up some imports in order to avoid rising tariffs, WalMart sales grew at a stronger than expected pace in the first quarter leading to a strong stock gain..

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