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You heard me talk with David Hunziker, the voice of Oklahoma state. Not only did I want to talk to David about the bedlam game last week with Oklahoma and Oklahoma state, but also about more so late because I knew he was making his first start as a writer. He was going to get some playing time lo and behold, there's been some injuries. Look Brian goes down Cooper gets traded. It's been tough for the receivers. But on that final drive. Eat meat comes up as big as ever and pay dividends for those raiders. So not only does he have the big catch as far as part of the enterprise drive the game. He comes up as our jersey. Mike sub of the game Bs of above Marcel eightman, Oklahoma state makes those Cowboys those pokes makes them proud and ironically, Lance talking with David Zeiger and getting chills now because I know David was probably listening in. He said, you know, what that kid's going to be? Special. He's somebody that always gave one hundred ten percent was in the shadows of a couple of other great receivers with Rudolf throwing the ball. But that Oklahoma state team last year had three prolific receivers. But he was kind of in the shadows of the other two guys that got more attention. But he stepped a big today. And he is our sub the game. Marcel even and it's amazing. How fast you can move up the ranks of a football team. When you make big plays that gave you the opportunity to win a game. No doubt. That would happen today. Everybody that's on that list right now, we'll be recognized, and especially, you know, for the nonchalant type of fans they're gonna now know his name. That's an important fact. There you go in the phones or sorting to light up and that happens when you win football games. But we've got one more word to get to that award. Well, we're going to talk a lot about the raiders running game. Because Derek Carr was not sharp at the beginning of the game. And didn't have a lot of passing yards. But it was the running game that came big. It's the raiders player of the game presented by Steiner's pub, I love this place. And I love this player. I will hand it off to her Charlotte spreads back outside, and he will be stopped at the twenty five yard line here with a first down in ten mentioning that raider defense like they have forced five straight. Last five possessions for the cardinals have wound up being a. The raiders defense system or conversely for the offense to that third quarter. They had eighteen one hundred five yards washes it off to the left side. Rashard Brexit's thirty twain the numbers and to the thirty eight yard line. That is a huge I down here for the raiders at twelve thirty to go twelve yard gain. And it'll be I Don I'll tell you what Rashard at Washington have done. Some work has the right back here. When they were drafted. They're great with their hands being coming out of the backfield. And that play was a tunnel screen and gentleman. It was more. Jalen Mishari to pick up some good blocks. But he has to make the first defender then he found an opening for that for that big run. The first down and ten species. Set in front of the running back. Chard along crosses the forty to the forty five yard line. Heart golden brings it down. Now second down and three divall is off the forty four yard line. Smith. The fullback Rashard is a running back and car slips up underneath Hudson. Miller still left tackle Rashard Annie's trapped spreads free somehow breaks the tackle buddies about a yard short of the I don't know how he got out of there. Don't know how either party, but you want I will say you can't coach heart and that time Jalen restart. It's time to make the best of his opportunity. Raiders, silver and black state post.

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