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Certainly we're keeping an eye on all the events unfolding with the inauguration, also the state of the state. Much more coverage coming up here on the hammer and Nigel Show other breaking news, especially if your Colts fan Philip Rivers iconic, legendary quarterback as spent one season with the entire with the Indianapolis Colts, is decided to call it quits. Kevin Bowen covers the Colts in his host on one of 75 the fan, Our sister sports talk station. Keep s O s. So I woke up to the news this morning that rivers is retiring. I consider you an insider. You have contacts. You worked within the walls of the court's Colts Organization for number of years. How did you first find out that that rivers wasn't coming back? 29. I think when you know me and hammer talked about a month and a half ago, I thought OK about 80 90% Chance. Philip Rivers returns and then you know, as December started to move along, and even we got into January that really became almost a coin flip to me. Again, Rivers his own decision. You know, I was like, Oh, boy, I don't know if this was gonna be something that he definitely 100% wants to do for another season. Um, late last night, I I heard from someone that this is going to happen. Unfortunately, just Did not get that second confirmation on it. But having said that I'm still a bit surprised. To be honest with you. I thought his competitive streak his passion for the game. The fact that there's not some crazy physical injury involved again. Yeah, he had the toe issue this year, but Burstyn talk that might have a need surgery. I just thought that would win out and how that season ended in Buffalo being so close to beating the bills. I thought you would return and always moving, you know, Secondly, for a third time in less than a year, which that's just a small army of people that he's moving, you've got nine kids, so I just thought all those factors he would play one more season and kind of delay being a high school football coach. So tell me is that the way it works with sports journalist to sports writer you had And initial confirmation last night, But you but the way it works is you have to wait for your policy is I'm gonna have to sources on this before I hit social media with it. That's what kind of the way it works with you. Yeah. You know, I could probably get away with one, you know, And maybe mother medium, but something this magnitude, you know, I really wanted to make sure like I'm not necessarily in the breaking news business. You know, I'm more of Ah, analyzer if you will of this information, and you wanna be right before you first, for sure, for sure. And so, you know, I averaged out to someone I thought close to the rivers family, someone close to the Colts organization, and when I got crickets, I probably should have known then that this was happening, but it was kind of cool. Philip broke the story. The UM San Diego's equivalent to Mike Chapel. So my chapels cover the culture of 30. Some years. I heard you guys to him this morning. Uh, the old Chargers beat writer Kevin A. C is his name. That's who. That's who broke the story. And you know it wasn't some mega Adam Schefter in rapid ports and mega NFL reporter. It was just kind of a local guy that to get that goes to show you who felt forever says extremely loyal and extremely dunder. Kevin Bowman covers the Colts for one of 75 the fan. Okay, let me go back to this one Looks circle right back around like I was kind of surprised that you said you were surprised. By Philip Rivers retiring. I always thought and I think you mentioned is I thought it was. I mean, 50 50. This guy had a great season with Indianapolis and I thought, Well, he's getting up there in age. It wouldn't surprise me at all. But you were kind of surprised. Yeah, you know, it's kind of two fold one and think of Sando decided to retire last week. That kind of brought me back to the drawing board of like, Okay. How about Philip Rivers view that like the offense of line protection without standing last year now the culture scrambling on who that new left tackle's gonna be? Rhetoric just suffered a toe injury. Okay, Is that going to alter his thinking in a way, But I brought the high school football coaching job, which is what rivers we're going to do next down in Alabama because he's always wanted to coach his son's. High school football. His father did that to him. And so his oldest son, Gunner is on Lee in seventh grade, So I felt like, okay, you know, you wait till gunner is a freshman. And then you know, you go move back to Alabama. You play here and indeed for two years, and that's kind of how the story would unfold for his next chapter after football. By all accounts, he really had a pretty good individual season for the cold. I mean, I think he checked off a lot of boxes of what people thought he would be like so I was in the corn. I didn't think it was like a big of a slam dunk, as I think many others thought, but at the same time, the naked found the news came out. And those families battle a little bit of a code code thing. Right Right now. I was just kind of like, all right, You know, highways just gonna play out with, you know, seemingly another virtual offseason. Come into the NFL. What was the name of that? You mentioned the reporter in San Diego that broke the news. Yeah. Kevin 80 San Diego Union for being I heard you asked him this morning. Maybe..

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