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Enters a sprint Now the president planned stops in Pennsylvania and Iowa before likely returning to Florida later on this week. With a double digit lead in the latest polls. Joe Biden is hitting up battleground states as well in Ohio records personal conduct since his diagnosis as well as an unconscionable Longer. Donald Trump is president. The more reckless he gets under pressure to offer his thoughts on stacking the Supreme Court with liberal judges, Biden tells of Cincinnati television station He's not a fan of doing that. The Biden campaign also plans to tour Florida this week as well. The mother of late US Senator John McCain, who is feisty personality became her son Secret weapon during his presidential campaign of 2008 has now died as the wife and daughter in law of four star admirals, Roberta McCain knew the sacrifices of military life. It was what helped her through the years when her son John was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Johnny will tell you absolutely, faith was what? Run him through, say they be him up every single day, but he had not. Dying favor ever hope I have a fake. I do. Johnny, who would go on to become Senator McCain of Arizona described Roberta as a strong, determined woman who thoroughly enjoyed life a mother who taught by example, and she was an example to the nation, though in a wheelchair she was front and center at her son's memorial service at the U. S. Capitol. That Piper CBS News, 60 wait, and Wall Street appears to be taking a little bit of a tumble in the early going this morning. Let's check in with Bloomberg Business and Tom Busby. Good Morning, Tom. Good Morning, Jeff. Well, it's early, but it looks like a split decision for Wall Street Today. You're right down futures tumbling today. Right now they're down 139 points. That's after drugmaker Johnson and Johnson halted a late stage trial for its covert 19 vaccine. One of its participants got six trying to figure that out. But the rally in tech stocks looks like it's going to continue today. NASDAQ futures Up 100 Points Look for Apple to one Village New is the iPhone twelves today, all with five g technology and despite the president's tariff war with China exports into the US from China up more than 20% last month, that's all those medical.

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