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Sixty seven percent Xavier yet to shoot a free throw. In the second half of this ball game. Got to keep the pressure on. Doing a good job scoring the ball in this half got player play better defense or clung inbounds the basketball to the right corner. Can Joe with it balls rotated McLaughlin drive to the baseline, fakes and ducks under is defender and banks off the glass. No good bounced around rebound taken by Paul scrubs. Nice job by castle to make that a tough shot in the paint for hankins back outside Scruggs straightaway. Three's on the way off is. No good. Fodder were jump back maybe through the same. Hope you did. But it was hit the flame just a little bit too hard on the back of the rim. Rebound taken by Georgetown, fifteen ten to play Xavier leading by four Kinjo with the basketball. The Dow holds your waist high favorite a man to man defense back to a Kinjo. He's at the left point here comes or screen from block Kinjo pulls up for jump shot and mails it bounced around on the back of the rim. He drove with about eight feet in the bucket when opposite the screen that was sent for him. Drove to the open gap often it up and get a friendly bounce. Leads by two musketeers working against the man to man defense into the high post a hankins off to quit and good of the baseline Marshall working on the left side of the four right side into the paint up and under move past his defender and finishes on the left shot with a reverse layup. Nice isolation by Xavier let nausea Marshall. Take Johnson all alone on the right? Block savior leads by four forty six. Forty two fourteen fourteen to play musketeers zone defense balls rotated side to side by the Hoyas now with high post to go van he catches turns and shoots and scores on a seventeen footer man that guy can shoot the ball. Joe? He's a biggest dude out there. And probably the most skill is that rotation of the basketball it just screams emigrate shooter. Just the right way savior leads by two forty six forty four thirteen fifty to play but good work on the perimeter using the screen by hankins pick and roll back into hankins. He catches it. And he is fouled on a potential block shot by McLaughlin. Got a piece of a penny. Also got hawk of hankins Idelson xactly the line to shoot to to really nice pass I- quaint good. And it was kind of a middle ball screen. Xavier had the corners at a shooter in each corner. And that opened up the middle of the floor for Quin Gooden. That can't be at the line to shoot two for the musketeers for quaint Gooden in hankins to do a little pick and roll right in the middle of the floor. Heck it's free throw in and out of the crowd here at the capitol one arena Xavier from the free throw line of the ball game. Four six for sixty seven percent, Ryan wealth checks of the ballgame. Now Kyle castle and out to the bench for the musketeers hankers. Wait one more free throw. It's the ball from the official. We scored four points. And it'll stay right there. That's in and out. Also. So it goes over to the Kinjo brings it across the timeline. Thirteen thirty eight to go cajole working on the perimeter behind the back dribble. They'll give it up the picket. He fires up at three point.

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