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The ad council. Three hosts who know the markets and the economy. Lisa, you're not embarrassed. I mean, a bramlet is not embarrassed. It's like I carried away. Almost as well as they know each other. Tom's a little tired, he slept on my couch. Thanks, Joe. A few hours late for a shoot. Bloomberg surveillance with Tom Keene, Jonathan farrow and Lisa and Rommel. You think the bank is one higher race Lisa? Do you think the sky occasionally is blue? Weekday mornings at 7 eastern on Bloomberg radio and Bloomberg television. A third police officer has died after a shootout in eastern Kentucky Floyd county sheriff John hunt says, deputies were attempting to serve a warrant in the town of Allen when the shooting happened on Thursday night. On Friday morning authorities announced that two officers had died in the shooting and a third was in critical condition. The Louisville courier journal said the third officer died from his injuries on Friday night. And R. Kelly is being placed on suicide watch at the Brooklyn jail where he's currently being held, Brian shook has the latest. The convicted sexual predator was sentenced to 30 years in prison earlier this week. Kelly's lawyer claims he was put on suicide watch as punishment being monitored 24/7 in a bare cell without any items like books or magazines. The rapper himself claims that he is not suicidal, but a spokesperson for the bureau of prison says they're committed to ensuring the safety of both inmates and staff. I'm Brian schuch, and that's the very latest. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports updated, where do Escobar hit a tiebreaking three run Homer expectant father David Peterson signed a career high with ten strikeouts and 6 innings and limits speed the Texas Rangers four to three on Friday night at city field to stop a season high three game losing streak, Mark Cana had a tie in RBI single in the fourth, but ended an O for 14 slide, two banners later Escobar himself on the over ten slump hit a three two sinker from Texas starter and loser Glenn Otto into the right field second deck for a four to one lead. Peterson now 5 and one on the season making the emergency start after scheduled starter Chris Bassett went on the injured list, and when Diaz came on to earn his 17th save of the season, the mets remained three and a half games ahead of Atlanta in the lead for the national league eastern division, the braves defeated Cincinnati 9 to one. The Yankee game against the Cleveland guardians postponed by rain. It will be made up as part of a split double header later today. The first game at 1210 p.m. and the second game at 6 10 p.m.. Day 5 at Wimbledon defending champion Novak Djokovic advanced to the fork round with a straight set victory over my emir kick manovich, Americans, Jack son, Tommy Paul, and Francis TFO all advanced on the women's side third seed an bear advances to the fourth round, while the 5th seed Maria sakari was eliminated by Tatiana Maria of Germany. All expansion options quote unquote will be explored by the PAC 12 after USC and UCLA announced their jumping ship to the Big Ten. That's according to a statement from the conference, although world of college athletics, jolted yesterday when it was revealed the rival LA schools would join the Big Ten and 2024 at the time, the PAC 12 said it was extremely surprised and disappointed by the news of UCLA and USC defecting for the Big Ten. With a Bloomberg sports update, I'm Tom Rogers. This is Bloomberg opinion on vonnie Quinn, we're back with

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