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No stop going to the theater but movies might be a bad idea for you. Jill like this isn't panic. This is what we're being told by. The people who know almost and the spread of this is really scary. I saw the video yesterday of walking through the tunnel To come out onto the field before the game and a couple of fans put their hands out to him. A high five any snaps. Thank you can read his lips. I can't say what he said on this show but like you. He's he's he's had it with all of that. He is quite. He is quite compelling when he's had enough of people you know because he is the jovial German the laughing white T. He is a charisma until he isn't and his face can quickly go from Jovial. German to the eyes bulge is a very intense. Look Yeah I remember. Last season was it. Someone asked him about him. I think was the draw with Leicester. The draw with West Ham. They asked him about his team and he was clearly frustrated in the moment. And he said you think this is playstation. You think we can just create chances score goals just like that. You know that we weren't trying. Yeah Yeah don't cross him So that is up to this moment. That is kind of where we're at. I think you know. Even though announcements haven't been made pertaining to all leagues I think we're kind of of the mindset right now that this game and sports in general really are just sort of being placed on hold. There is like a collective pause button. That's being hit until we can kind of get a grasp on an ability to contain the spread of this virus and it is worth noting to that. There have been like. I'm not an expert but I listened to people that are listening to the daily today. They're talking about how China and South Korea have made incredible strides and they were pointed out by the World Health Organization yesterday for the Strides. They made in containing the so. Hopefully other countries will begin to follow suit And no that's why. Large gatherings are being stopped. The you know that's why these prominent sporting events are being halted. Because that's like step one is to stop the spread of this in large groups So that's that's pretty much where where we're at right now with this. Do you WanNa talk about other things? Yeah I WANNA talk about the football because this might be the last football we get to talk about actual games. We get to talk about for a while. So let's make a good one friend. I know it's very weird to talk about. Games that are taking place in competitions. May Not not be not right. Not to be flippant but I want to give everyone a window into Andrew's mind right now right right now. Andrew is Kilian Murphy Waking Up in the hospital in twenty eight days later wandering across London Bridge Outta desolate empty landscape. That's where he is. I've never seen that movie. You need to click into podcasts. Mold now boyle we're talking football. I I wish you had the the Pale haunting eyes of Kilian Murphy. At least give me something something nice to stare at all right well. Let's talk about the champions. They were going to do our best. All right. We're GONNA put on. We're GONNA put on a brave face. We're GONNA do this. We'll talk soccer. I do wonder how many people really care right now. Believe me the everybody was looking forward to this podcast last night. Things have gone then. Everything happened yet. Things have gotten worse. But what what do you want us to do? I don't know I don't I don't know what I WANNA do. I WANNA talk football. I WanNa Talk Ball. Let's start with what was really the standout match from the last several days. Really and that is Liverpool What an incredible game against Athletico Madrid the second leg liver. Pour out of the Champions League in the round of sixteen. Their defense of their European crown will go no further There's a lot of angles to get from their game specifically. I guess we'll start trying to which I want to start with. I guess we'll start with the one that is kind of like really was making waves. And that is the the goalkeeper issue for Liverpool because it seemed like immediately the game ended and the blame game began and a hundred percent of the blame was being pointed at one man and that was Adrian. Well it's not all about Adrian put. His mistake was a fundamental shift in the game. I'm was a mistake on a night like that that you can't make no. There was other key moments for me nor failing to make contact with good chance loss in the first half the second half. I think Robertson hitting the crossbar. No chance was the first half Robinson hitting the crowd I don't know how Robertson didn't score That was a big chance. I will say the defender went. When I watched the second angle there's defender Khanna puts off a little bit so actress and can't get quite as clean ahead on it. As as obviously would have panned quite amulet downwards which but he's from such close range yet you expected in that too bullish and believe it yeah But look it was. It was a key moment in a game that was finely poised Liverpool. Didn't have the away goal. Of course it matters and there was an instant momentum. Shift at that moment. Pat Nevin was on the BBC last night. Talking life from Anfield about what that moment. Adrian's flobbed clearance meant for the game little control of that but at Dame just didn't we've all been in before when everyone jogging. Look in vain day you load and unexpected goal and suddenly.

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