New threat to BBC licence fee as Culture Secretary asks if it can remain 'relevant'


Britain's government announced its considering a change in the way the BBC is funded that would severely dented the coffers of the nation's public broadcaster by minister Boris Johnsons conservative governments which is increasingly at odds with the country's news media said it would hold a public consultation on whether to stop charging people with a criminal offense if they don't pay the annual levy that funds the BBC it gets most of its money from the licence fee paid by every television owning household in the country of around one hundred and fifty pounds all one hundred and eighty euros a year failing to pay can result in a fine only in rare cases a prison sentence in twenty eighteen more than one hundred and twenty one thousand people were convicted and fined for license fee evasion five people were imprisoned for not paying that finds its critics doing too many members of the governing Conservative Party say the BBC funding model is no longer appropriate to the digital media

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