'Parasite' winning best picture would make movies richer


So the nine best picture nominees are of Ford. Vive Ferrari affordably. Ferrari is Christian Bale and Matt Damon in the story of Ford trying to build a car to beat Ferrari in the lemond race The Irishman when is the Martin Scorsese Film. which is on Netflix? That you might have heard. It's three hours long. Gioja Rabbit is TYCO I. T's story about a World War Two to that is the one with the where he plays a an imaginary Hitler. If you've heard a joker of course Joaquin Phoenix as the comic book character. Sort of little women which is little women you know Little Women Louisa May alcott and book adapted by Greta. GERWIG marriage story which is Noah Baumbach. Big divorce film with Adam driver and also Scarlett Johansson nineteen seventeen which is about two young men in World War One cent. On a very dangerous mission started by Sam Mendez once upon a time in Hollywood Hollywood. Is Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino's story about the Hollywood of the very late nineteen sixties and parasite which is Bongino Jin. Ho's Really Fascinating story about two families who come together in a very unexpected way Glenn Gimme a quick will win. Should win on best picture. I'd be happiest with parasite movie that just gets better and better. The more you think about it I'd be okay with little women or once upon a time like movies I'd be a little disappointed if it was Ford versus Ferrari for reasons you can hear more about in the full episode and if it is the joker I'll scream into a pillow Because I kinda hated that movie the oddsmakers have nineteen seventeen winning which is surprising to me. Because I like that movie but the best picture of the year really. It's Oscars sensitive from war movie and it's kind of a traditional Hollywood movie in some ways but then at the same time. It has the kind of showy element of having the you know. Made to look like one shot. I I will just go next and say I would pick parasite and you know. I'm going to stick with will win parasite because the last time. I had a tingling feeling that it was going to being upset. It was moonlight backed off at the last minute. So did the telecom. I robbed myself of an opportunity to look smarter than I am. So I'm going to say will win. Parasites should win parasite. I'm okay with nineteen seventeen. I think there is some lovely filmmaking there. I admire fire the accomplishment of it Bob. What do you think will win and should win? I think one thousand nine hundred will win because it's just everything seems to be driving that way it didn't start out that way. What's interesting sting is at the front runners? Initially were supposed to be Once upon a time in Hollywood and the two from from net flicks Irish marriage. I'm sorry Mayor Story and those have kind of disappeared from the conversation. I think it's safe to say none of those have a real strong shot anymore. I would love to see parasite win. Yeah Stephen Anything. I'm in somewhat of the same boat. I would be thrilled of parasite one I would be thrilled if a little women one. I love that movie so so much. I went on record in our resolutions and predictions show. I predicted addicted. That once upon a time in Hollywood was going to win best picture. It seemed like everything was coming together for The Oscars love movies about the magic of movie. Making it is is a movie about old Hollywood. You know who else is old Hollywood. Everyone who votes for the and so I felt so much like and also Quentin Tarantino. Not No he is an Oscars favourite but he typically get's nudged over two screenplay and then doesn't win best picture best director so I really felt like he had an enormous amount of momentum going going in but I agree that nine hundred seventeen seems to have kind of swooped in and picked it up and I. I really liked that movie a lot. I admire that movie a lot. I would be perfectly content content and satisfied to have it win best picture but this time next year it will take me thirty to forty five seconds to remember what won best picture unless it's parasite unless it's it's parasites will be talking about it for decades. Well I think I wrote about this a little bit if you subscribe to our newsletter which is at NPR dot org slash pop culture newsletter. I wrote about this last week but I do think there's a chance that will be parasite partly because the opening up of the best picture category. which originally was talked about as a way to bring? In kind of popular blockbusters that are also of quality. Got A lot of talk about the dark knight and things like that but it's actually done is bring in more smaller films and foreign right language films so eventually it's GonNa Happen. That one of them is GonNa win. Might as well be this one. I think it might be this year. I think people just like that movie. Yeah and the fact that the US preferential voting for this cat this particular story. COMP look it's way too complicated to get into here but basically what it means is if people liked parasite recite for example enough to what it number one number two or number three. It's got a better than average chance or second. Choices have a have a better than average less polarizing films. Do you better than the ones that everybody likes. Even if it's not their favorite

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