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Preston. National trailing Oakland and the tenth inning time for a little Joey Manet's magic to happen. Two balls two strikes, two on two outs. Here it comes. Swinging a high fly ball right center field deep. Pache going back to the warning track at the wall looking up and it's gone. It's gone and this game is over. Dave jagler on 1500 a.m., the Nats win 7 5 on their first walk off win of the season. First walk off one of the season guys happens in some pretty well into the season. It's been one of those years. Orioles edge Cleveland three zero the bird's third shout out in 6 games. U.S. open tennis second round winners include women's number one ego sweat tech and men's number two Rafael Nadal. Women's doubles the Williams sisters fall in the first round. College football's week one kicked off with West Virginia coming up short and it's upset a bit of number 17 pit falling 38 31 Maryland meets buffalo tomorrow turf's coach Mike loxley's offense facing a bulls front 7 that has plenty of talent. We've got a tremendous blitz package on third down that in a perfect world for us on offense. That's why we want to be able to line up and run the football this week to be able to keep it in third manageable so that you keep that exotic blitz package off the field. Check out the season premiere of presto's picks, which not only picks the games, but lets you know what kippy and Buffy will be tailgating with at Scott stadium in Charlottesville just to it's a French white from Savoy. It's up on the sports page at WTO P dot com. Dave Preston. Sports. All right, Dave, now to the top stories we're following for you this morning on WTO new data this morning on the economy. The Labor Department reporting 315,000 jobs added last month down from July's 528,000 and the unemployment rate rose slightly to 3.7%. He and an address to the nation last night, President Biden framed the November elections as part of an ongoing battle for the soul of the nation. In the speech from independence hall in Philadelphia, the president declared that former president Trump and maga Republicans fanned the flames of political violence and subvert American democracy. D.C. residents can get their annual flu shot and the newest COVID booster at the same time, starting next week. Beginning Wednesday, both coronavirus and flu vaccines will be available in pharmacies and clinics in all 8 of the city's wards. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. The house January 6th committee has been quietly continuing its investigation and preparing for a new set of hearings next month. Now that panel wants information from former House speaker Newt Gingrich about his communications with senior advisers to then president Trump in the days leading up to the attack on the capitol. Committee chairman, congressman Benny Thompson, sent a letter to gingrich asking about his involvement in a scheme to appoint fake electors. Coming up in money news, Wall Street's final trading day of the week is underway and stocks are higher. Ford's EV bet is paying off. I'm Jeff claypool. It's 9 48

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