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Will bring a two off on cspan radio usa today as a story of powerful house panel launch an investigation into the security clearance a former white house staff secretary rob porter on wednesday escalate in a growing controversy into what the white house knew about domestic violence allegations against the senior aide to president trump and president trump broke his silence on this issue saying in the oval office during the tail end of another meeting i am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind everybody knows that and almost wouldn't have to be said earlier in the day vice president mike pence offered a white house chief of staff john kelly a vote of confidence saying that kelly's on remarkable job for president trump pence reiterating his earlier comments what else could have done a better job handling the porter situation by president pant was interviewed by mike allen the cofounder ng executive editor of axios this runs a half hour of thank you very much i think the bank of america for that message of making these access newspapers conversations possible within cspan for carrying this event today and i thank my axes colleagues who made all this possible including our ceo jim van i is here were schwartz are cofounder evan ryan who is part of our founding leadership team and a couple of friends of the show including kim kingsley and mali levinson's to thank all of you for being here i really appreciate it and look forward to see you on axios or we make you smarter faster with our smart brevity format so hop on axes dot com our next guest here.

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