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Days. The medical examiner's office determined that. Sergeant Keith shepherd a nineteen year veteran suffered a pulmonary embolism while he was on a break county jail. That's where he worked authorities say that he fell down, but made it back to his car where call leagues found him after he didn't return. From work when he fell. He hit his head, and that was the blood that they thought was a gunshot wound KTAR age news time, eleven three, the US is accusing Iran of being behind suspected attacks Thursday of a pair of oil tankers near the strait of Hormuz secretary of state. Mike Pompeo, saying on Fox News Sunday, how sure he is of Iran's role in those attacks. There's no doubt intelligence committee has lots of data lots of evidence the, the world will come to see much of it, but the American people should rest assured we have confidence with respect to who conducted these attacks as well as a half dozen other tax throughout the world over the past forty days, according to a senior US official, Iran fired a missile at a US drone that had been deployed to assist one of the tankers, but the missile did not hit it. Well a little over month from now. Judean de'andre JJ into Sean, all the guy's going to get together and training camp. This year, though, it's going to be held here in Houston. Instead of West Virginia, they're going to have six sessions open to the public at the Houston Methodist training center across from an orgy stadium. Well, Tyson fury, stopped Tom Schwartz with six seconds left in the second round to remain unbeaten in his loss, Vegas debut, the Lakers are trading the ranch, but they are getting Anthony Davis from the pelicans boy, that's got people talking, Gary woodland still in the lead the US open, and the Astros. Oh, they love rookies. Yordan alvarez. Homered, Jack Mayfield hit three doubles yesterday against Toronto. Rookie from Valdes struck out eight in six innings and the ASTRO's beat the Blue Jays seventy-two yesterday..

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