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To you by CASA Perico Mexican grill. Brad have you eaten it costs, a Perico absolutely have with you. Sure. I love pasta Perico there at sixty third and Maria just west of Meridian and at one twenty second N P N, and you're going to get fresh authentic Entex makes Mexican food. So CASA Perico are smoking hot deals. I've got a couple of them for you today. One of them is in the silver hawk edition, silver hawk edition is it's near one seventy eight eighth and Penn. This house is big house at. Well, over three thousand square feet four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. And I what I love about this house. It's quarter of an acre sits on a corner ride across the street from a little path that leads to the elementary school, and the elementary school is Westfield elementary. It's awesome in the Edmonds school district. This has a huge Pergola with fire pit. Downstairs master. It's got three bedrooms. Upstairs, and it also, of course, has powder room downstairs, formal dining room, wonderful kitchen. This is just a great home for if you've kind of got an extended family. This is a great home for that. It's two hundred seventy thousand dollars for. Nearly thirty one hundred square feet in silver hawk edition. So that's a really good thing. The other one I have for you today. Is another big house. It's four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It's over twenty three hundred square feet. And it's in the northwest part of town in the willow creek estates edition, willow creek estates is near hundred twenty second and council road. This the lots not real big. But it does have a nice privacy fence around it. It's a good sized lot. It's just not huge four bedrooms three bathrooms one of the bedrooms and bathrooms is over by the kitchen kind of a mother-in-law plan, and this is one hundred ninety thousand dollars hundred ninety thousand dollars..

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