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I'm telling you you wanna get in shape you gotta do it right now with peleton in the comfort of your own home like i said pfc and i both have bikes we both love him no commute you just hop right on you get twenty minutes thirty minutes forty five five minute workout whatever you wanna do go to one peleton dot com and use promo code pmt okay we next have a princeton cecil fielder so these guys are awesome i wish they were in person but holy shit they are like i think i think i wanna be friends of cecil fielder to legends of the game for sure i think it's kept saying the wrong i've always i grew up calling him sessile i also grew up calling a lot of people a lot of weird i johndroe come john grooten so i'm not sure i'm gonna go with sessile fielder you could make the argument that maybe they're the best father son hitting duo of all time i'm ken griffey junior and senior yeah i think sessile is better than senior what about why dinger dude fly out here in yours is one of our hopes for the home run derby dozen or so after you say i am yet vied junior vied senior for sure but then the fielders so we had them on a couple of weeks ago very fun guys like i said i wish we had them in person hopefully sometime in the future we will have them in person here they are the fielders okay we now welcome on a two very special guest is prince and sessile field they're they're here with us from kingsford a they did the body by bbq so they got naked anes took pictures we got the pixel asian so even if the cnn is he a private stuff but you guys you're bodies you're looking good how what what do you guys you keep in shape i'm not doing anything right now documents say but i'm i'm out on the grill barbecue omi kingsford charcoal so i'm eating more and i'm gonna stay in shape okay okay in in prince you i i wanna start with this with kingsford partnership you remember when you were vegetarian for three months what the heck were thinking oh this is trying something different about the yeah that was one of those like narratives that got you know once once the media got a hold of it it became such a big story and i was like there's no way this guy is sticking with with with a being avenger you're aware man he's a weird guy he does weird things like that you know you just weird one other weird you know like that's like yeah what a nightmare dues off yet one of the weird stuff does he do were as a kid oh he's got superstitions you've got all kinds of weird stuff he does what what kind of superstitions are we talking about he did like you did like people he slept with his bat when he's gonna swamp i mean i could see doing that spend spend more time with the highest high school that we're talking about you you so superstition a i i gotta get it done idled oh here it was really weird in high school you really weird and hide 'em brits i remember seeing a couple of instagram posts you pick it up put up a pig you still have that big oh yeah oh yeah what inspired you to a to get a pig like as a pet well they told me that a when the pigs no real little you know he a they used litter and you know we just are house is being renovated and stuff and i don't wanna have like housebreak dog that quick so with him i take my time and once he got big enough chicken right outside and never had one accident and that was it so that's amazing sure how big is now he's big he's not i mean he comes up to my you know my shanghai but i mean he's about what one fifty one in big man.

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