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Steady stable number two to verstappen which is why gasoline albion kind of by virtue of the fact of them having not a lot of experience were a poor fit and so when they signed peres. I was like oh perfect. Yeah he's like he's he's steady. He's been around a while he'll be a great number two but then we've seen him had these kind of erratic events happened to him and so i that that puzzles meal little bit. I think like for one for one. We shouldn't forget his all. These guys who preceded parades like looked bad. It relative to max like again. There's the sumptious that car is dominant. It may not be as dominant as it looks as just max cut a lot of pace and that is worth lot. You know the things we say about russell they might be equally roof of max where it's like. There's that he gets out of a car. That is very hard to compare well with It's again we take for granted that okay. Well botas doing what a number two driver should be doing at minimum. That might actually be quite an achievement to be that reliable and studied to bag. All those points right behind your teammate. I think peres is probably been a bit of a disappointment. I think what's different about the conversation. This time around is red. Bull left themselves no outs they have shot the the shot the last drivers out of a cannon and with this one they were like we're giving up on cultivating a like hot young talent in the number two spot at the primary team and we're gonna go to a steady old hand and really similar things are happening. I will say i do not feel. We've talked about these lapses. I don't think they're of a kind with what we saw from perez from albany Where alvin had bad luck exacerbated by some really bad judgment And we are not getting that as badly from peres ghastly just look bad To start off his time. Rebel didn't give him time to Rally but at this point overwhelmed i would say ghastly seems like the stronger driver but red mole. Have themselves no outs. they're not gonna. they're not able to unring that bell. It's funny i do. I think you're peres a fairly strong start to the season. Even though he you know. I i'm a i'm on the side. Maybe of i think reason races haven't done him. Well i think he had a badge silvestre. He retired in hungary. He was basically at the back at spa. He did win that race on his six race in baku and he busy like fourth and fifth dancing around there and got a podium and the paul ricard so like he's he's put into points. The recent run has had leclair sort of chomping at his ankles because peres is in fifth one hundred and eighteen reads here and declares one hundred and four. Like norris's ahead of peres norris's ahead of affairs because of his consistency. He's always kept up there and he's he's also had a couple of podiums boss. I i wonder what the back end of the field the by the rest of the year. Maybe he'll tighten up a little bit some of the it because it's always a perception thing point twice. He's not doing poorly he's not. He's not fighting for the championship but he's doing all right for his first season in the car. So i hope it's sloppiness. I think it's it's the type of racing decisions you don't expect them a veteran and i think that casts a bit of shadow on on how we perceive him at least for me. Personally it does a lot more season left though this next one drew. Don't take it from dan. Yes from dan. Dan says hey chaps. If verstappen takes power unit for the next race would his three place grid penalty stack with it and essentially be known void. I don't know we mentioned that Verstappen after the stewards ruled against him for that incident with hamilton gave me three place penalty for the grid at the next race It would be a shame if he can use a loophole to escape justice because he needs to be taught a lesson about that then so my understanding is that the three players penalty is only for the next race so if they take the engine penalty and after start from the back of the grid or from even further That those would just combine. Basically he would. He would essentially be serving that three place grid penalty as well. It would not carry on to the following race so this would maybe be a good point for them to to take new. Engine it We we think that but for staff and hamilton will at some point in the rest of the year have to take a new engine and get those big penalties. So maybe it'll be so cheap that the rebel does that that's a tricky attribu- circa for overtaking is like two spots. Basically where you want to get it done turn thirteen so maybe more advantageous track to do it on be somewhere else. I guess we'll have to wait and see this one from nick. Hail loved the show. Which got me into. F one d. Think rebels abundance of talking. Horner jala marco after silverstone race on the radio to michael massey anytime they ending mercedes or even under investigation by the stewards has come back to bite them. A bit here restraining. Sorry the restraint tone of horror and lack of team radio histrionics broadcast out the crash immediately. Feel as if read will realize the. Max might be a fault or was a fault there were. Do you come down on actively advocating for teams slash drivers slash fairness versus being whiny. This was like night and day for me as well in the in the immediate aftermath and also in the post race interviews like i got the sense that they knew that maybe max was you know they. They see the data. They see how much speed he's taking into this corner. And unwary is and they know what the conversations about the sausage scarves of bay and like it did feel a bit like oh the the queen doth protest. Too little yeah. I think they're so mercedes. We pointed this out. Lee andrew shoveling actually said like look you know. They're in the wrong because they weren't Squawking about nonstop. Like when. Renoir you know you've got him and so i kind of do suspect that i think red bull. It's a combination of things.

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