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Just looking at making is making me get goosebumps man there's nothing going is this I get it but again, the reaction being somewhat negative and this responsibility maybe burst out laughing. So Business Techno went in upload some tweet screen scrimshaw people that were at the event and living summer their views us to wh- down now caused the issue hand is obviously the fact that. Discredit people especially the tech scene they're very social. They're very social media native, right? socially. There's been a very integral part in kind of boosting allowed their profiles allowing them to reach a wider. Making people go from you know we can pub DJ go out to a festival actor no time. They're really use social really well, it can get bit cheesy Corny but I respect it But there's aspect of them. You know. So addicted to kind of showing off the playing in places that it kind of was counter intuitive that they would allow people to take videos and event that shouldn't be happening at event that's essentially illegal. That's essentially what kind of fucked them over that respect and some of these accounts are super jokes because it goes to show. Why some of this could be problematic. So business. Some people attended look soda responses of what was going down. One this this girl. Murphy says I've seen some weird things last night seeing Richie Hamid. Do a line of somebody's actual woodhead made my actual head fall off. A. Funny when you consider the legend of Richy, Ahmed is that supposedly allegedly he was what connects or the dealer of that whole crew of people that were coming up right the Jamie Jones is. What Labor was at the at the at the heyday in the late two, thousand, five, thousand, eight period, and then he kind of just started practicing playing in one of their homes and suddenly turned into a torrent DJ overnight but he came into the game being of connects right the guy that was lacing everybody with ketamine or something allegedly that's why I've heard for the here and now is jokes and you know again, it goes to show just why some people think somebody's who feds should be happening because once I get between to put on a instead of being somewhat Somewhat, careful about the things that they're doing and kind of maybe avoiding some of these. Obvious acts of debauchery they go relieving Brad back into these things, and this may be an indicator of what they actually miss out going out is more. So the copious amounts of drug-taking as opposed to the actual music whatever you may be, but hey, who usage we continue on. Another screen Shaw. It says here, Archie Hamilton and wife last night was super staff and other go says getting. So Josie People's threes monopoly and said, went from fine dining to work archie warehouse. This real quick as he phonology turned up, that was a warehouse rave last night have an archie. CanNot get over how good the rave was fuck me that was needed God bless weapon Hamilton. I. Don't know how they put that in London warehouse pickup them and she says at least says. These illegal raves are looking sick by bringing everyone back together. But if you do please remember to protect the plan and are playing and the videos you post online seen loads. Okay. Cool..

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